Coni Free And Pro WordPress Business Theme | Review

businessConi theme is a very simplistic WordPress theme which suits for almost every purpose out there. No matter whether it is a corporate or business site. It has some pretty good looking CSS animations which looks pleasing to eyes and is also smooth. It’s a fully responsive theme which means no matter from where you visit the website (Phone or Tablet or PC) it’s gonna look the same and adjust the resolution of the theme according to your device.

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This WordPress theme is designed like the most famous one-page design theme. One-page design with few CSS animations here and there makes homepage look stunning with all the required elements in it. Not just the design and the animation, the stunning presentation, testimonial section , client showcase , pricing chart etc makes the design a complete one.

The Coni WordPress theme is available in two versions, pro and free version. The pro version offers you various features which will be discussed in the post.

Coni Theme features

The Coni offers everything you can expect. Everything in a single package which can be used for any kind of category no matter whether corporate or other purposes. The home page serves well to describe any type of information. Like about the business or portfolio if it’s about the business. Here are few cool features that comes preloaded in this package :

Drag and drop builder

dropperThis is one of the most attractive feature of Coni. As it allows you to drag and drop the homepage elements in such a way that no experienced person or experience is needed to customize the design according to your requirements. The order of the elements can be changed easily by just dragging the elements and dropping them at required places you wish.

For the customization part, the WordPress customizer can be used. Here, the developers of Coni theme has worked especially in this part to make the perfect customization experience for the users without any hassle.


Adding images is now easy

Home page customization


Front page simple editor

The home page customization is the highlight feature of the Coni business theme for those who are using WordPress CMS. You can design or customize the homepage using the drag and drop editor to suit your needs. You can also edit or delete anything from the homepage using the editor.

With the welcome section, that’s the part where you can show your skills in using the editor to attract your customers. The important announcement or message can be displayed in the home page and can be linked to the source directly.

Under the homepage sections , various sub elements can be edited and here are the homepage elements :

The team
This section of the homepage can be used to describe the team members and can be used to introduce the team to the world. Not just showcasing your members of the team but you can also their social links so that the visitors can visit their profiles directly!
The portfolio
Portfolio being one of the most important place where the skills and projects can be shared or showed off. Here with this design, everything being in a single page, sharing becomes easy. With this feature, everything becomes simple and attractive.
Product showcase
This is a very important section / element if you are willing to make few sales through your website or to promote your product. Here, the Coni can be used to the fullest to show off the product. With this section, you can fully customize the design and background to make things attractive.
Client section
This section of the website can be used as a testimonial place to attract more users by showing to whom you have worked for or your clients. In this section, you can add a customized logo or brands to let the visitors know to that you are a trust-able service provider.

editor options

Just type what you need and it will be reflected to home page instantly

Speed test results

Looks like it performed well on our test domain running on SSD LiteSpeed servers with no CDN.

speed test

Pagespeed results

pingdom results


Widgets that comes packed with the design

widgets holder

Widgets available

Feature comparison with free and pro verison

price comparison



Coni, a WordPress theme is one of the best themes that i have come across in the year 2016.With this theme, even a newbie to this field can make things look professional business website. Since there are two different versions available, free and pro. This package can also be used as a blogging theme. And on top of it, Coni has also been designed in such a way that is perfectly optimized for SEO. With the free version, features are limited. But i honestly say that paying for this theme is worth it.

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