How to delete/cut a page from a PDF document (with /without Acrobat)

Whether you are editing, removing certain texts or simply going through the document, it is important to know about the different ways of deleting or cutting a page from a PDF document. You can delete or cut a page with or without using Acrobat in a PDF document. We have some easiest ways for you to perform this task. Going through this article you can find different methods for deleting or cutting a page from a PDF document, by using or without using Adobe Acrobat.

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Methods using Adobe Acrobat

Viewing PDFs and viewing preferences, Adobe Acrobat

Acrobat is software which is easy to use while making any changes in the PDF document. You can use it to edit or cur pages in PDF documents using the following steps.

Step 1 – Open the PDF Document

You have to open the document in Adobe Acrobat from which you want to delete or cut some pages.

Step2 – Go through the Page

Scroll down the pages or use the navigation tool to locate the particular page you want to cut or delete.

Step 3 – Access the Organize Pages Tools

Open the menu bar and go to the “Tools” tab. Now select the “Organize Pages” options. After selecting that, the Organize Pages tool will open.

Step4- Select the Page

The thumbnails or all the pages will be available of the document will be visible in Organize Pages Tools.

Now, Click on the thumbnail of the page you want to delete or cut.

Step 5- Delete or Cut the desired Pages from the PDF document

If you choose delete then the selected page will be removed completely. In case you choose “cut’’ it will be removed and copied to the clipboard.

Step 6- Paste in case you choose the “Cut” option

If you choose to cut the page, you can paste it anywhere else in the document as per your requirements. You may even paste it to another document by using the normal paste shortcut which is Ctrl+V.

Step 7- Save the document

After making the necessary changes you must save the file for future reference.

Methods without using Adobe Acrobat

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If you don’t have Adobe Acrobat installed on your device or without access to Adobe Acrobat how can perform these changes? Here are some ways which will help you to delete or cut a page without using Adobe.

Method- 1

You can use online PDF editors:

Using PDF editors will provide you with easy ways to edit PDF documents without the installation of Adobe Acrobat. Here are some ways you can use to delete or cut a page.

Upload the PDF

Open online PDF editors like WPS Office, PDFsam, PDFescape or any other app as per your preferences. Now, upload your PDF document to the website.

Select the Pages you want to cut or delete

After uploading the pages you want to cut or delete from the PDF document, follow the instructions given in the editor website you have chosen.

Delete or Cut the pages from the document

You have to choose the pages you want to cut or delete from the document. After that follow the instructions provided by the editor.

Save the Document

After making the necessary changes you have to save the document. Some apps may ask to log in to purchase its paid version. Note to choose the apps which offer you free access to save the file to your device.

Method- 2

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You can use PDF viewing software

There is another way to cut or delete the document without Acrobat. You may go for the various software applications like Adobe Acrobat. It will allow you to perform basic editing options like delete or cut pages. Follow the steps given below:

Open the PDF Document

Open the document in the PDF viewing app if you want to make changes.

Look for Page Thumbnails

Search for the page thumbnail option usually available in the View menu in Adobe Reader.

Select the Pages

Select the Pages in the document you want to make changes like cut delete or edit.

Delete or Cut Pages

Follow the specific instructions given in the software to finally delete or cut the pages from the PDF document.

Save the document After editing for future reference.

Method 3

3 Ways to Convert a PDF to a Word Document - wikiHow

Convert the PDF document to another format

For editing, cutting or deleting any page in the PDF document you can convert the file format into Google Docs or Microsoft Word. You can use Tools like Zamzar or other desktop options.

Convert the files to Google Docs or MS Word

Carry out the necessary edits in the document

After the Conversion of file format, you can choose the page you want to cut or delete. You can do that simply by cutting or deleting using the options available in MS Word or Google Docs.

Convert Back to PDF

After making the necessary edits you can convert the file back to its original PDF document format.

Check Formatting

You must go through whether any unnecessary changes are made to the document while formatting.

Save the document for future use.


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