‘GoDaddy’s Website Builder’ or ‘WordPress Hosting’?

WordPress and GoDaddy are two of the most popular companies in the market for web hosting. There are a lot of things that make these companies similar and different from each other. The services for WordPress web design London are commonly known, and so are the GoDaddy website building services. The common feature among them is that both platforms offer web hosting services. They have similar target audiences but differ in their price, site building features, and capabilities. GoDaddy is the biggest domain registrar, and WordPress is a platform that powers almost 40% of the websites and blogs all around the world. Let us learn about both these platforms in detail.

What is WordPress Hosting?


If you are planning to design a website using WordPress, you must have heard about WordPress hosting at some point. Hosting is a very crucial aspect when it comes to running a website. People generally overlook it. Without a host, your website tends to work slowly, is less secure, and is more prone to hacking. With the help of a good quality WordPress host, you can provide your website with tons of advantages along with improving its performance.

What is GoDaddy’s Website Builder?

GoDaddy’s Website Builder is like an all-in-one tool used for creating professional websites. It comes with a wide variety of marketing features, affordable pricing, and an easy-to-use site design editor. GoDaddy is mainly used for its hosting and domain registration. But it also has its website builder, allowing you to create websites.

WordPress Vs. GoDaddy Hosting

WordPress is known for providing free and paid hosting services. GoDaddy is another hosting service provider that offers similar services at competitive prices and excellent customer service along with an easy and quick setup. It is a great option for people who are looking for simplicity and ease for site management. WordPress web design, London, is preferred by bloggers who want customization and several functions at a lower cost.

Both these hosting providers come with various advantages and disadvantages. Let us break their comparison into four factors for a better understanding.


Price is the first thing that comes in anybody’s plan while investing in any kind of service. While choosing the right hosting service provider for your website, compare the number of features provided by both parties according to the price point of view.

The WordPress hosting plans are more aimed at small businesses, and personal website owners. It provides one free hosting plan and four paid hosting options. The free plan by WordPress might look tempting, but it does not come with a lot of capabilities and provides limited storage. The users will have to work with some occasional ads appearing on their pages. If you are looking for a powerfully built personal site, prefer to go for a paid plan. With the price increase, the capabilities and storage ability also increases.

GoDaddy provides several plans that offer the option to choose a domain, build a website and get hosting, all in one place. It is suitable for the first timers that want to run their website quickly. You can do a lot by purchasing cheap hosting plans from GoDaddy. It offers unmetered bandwidth in all the plans that maintain good performance even during the high traffic periods.

Site Builder

A web builder helps in organizing your website’s page, content structure, and appearance. Both the platforms come with their site builders.

All the WordPress hosting plans come with the facility of a free site builder. It allows you to build your site structure and its pages without the need for programming. WordPress allows you to change and customize the layout of your pages which does not happen in GoDaddy’s site builder. WordPress’ site builder provides several options in a limited amount but is enough to create an engaging website, that is too free of charge.

GoDaddy’s website builder stresses user-friendliness and simplicity. Its SEO and E-commerce tools are available only with the higher plans. It offers fewer templates as compared to WordPress and limited layout and design changing options. If you are picky with the appearance of your site, you must choose a WordPress site builder. But for those who just want to build a site and get done with the business, GoDaddy will be good to go.


Cyber-security is one of the greatest threats for online businesses today. Your site’s host plays a big role in securing it. While you choose a provider, make sure to take a look at the service provider’s reputation in the cybersecurity space and the add-ons it provides to protect your information.

WordPress provides frequent backups for the websites to protect them from threats or risks. It comes with automatic updates. If a website is not protected by SSL, browsers will warn you before you visit it. That is why it is a necessity for the websites to be secured in that way. All the hosting plans of WordPress hosting plans come with pre-installed SSL certificates.

GoDaddy comes with diverse security options with all its hosting plans. But the cheap hosting options by GoDaddy do not come with a free SSL certificate. There is a free certificate for one year in one of its Ultimate plans and a free SSL certificate for the entire plan duration in the Maximum plan.

Load Time

The page load time (loading speed of your site’s page), and up-time (how often your website is available online), both depend on the host. Visitors want the website to load as fast as possible, and any downtime will lead them to shift to some other website.

According to the WordPress support page, downtime is unlikely to happen, and it notifies the user whenever there is some planned maintenance or any unexpected downtime. WordPress ensures a reliable hosting experience without interruptions, even if the network goes down due to whatever reasons.

GoDaddy promises around 99.85 of up-time in its service. The 0.1% rate can also affect your customer’s experience. GoDaddy’s hosting seems reliable and promising. Its page speed is pretty competitive as compared to the other hosts.


In conclusion, both parties offer reliable, scalable and reasonable hosting solutions for online businesses. You can choose the best one out of them according to your requirements based on the price, returns, etc. Get in touch with an agency for WordPress web design, London, for assistance in making a better decision.

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