Best Top Free Instagram WordPress Plugins For Bloggers And Websites 2024

Instagram is a great source of content for your website or blog. And if you own a WordPress blog, Instagram plugins can do wonders for you. Getting Instagram photos to your website has never been that easy. WordPress has a handy repository of plugins that can make it easy to display your Instagram photos or feeds on your website. All you have to do while setting up the plugin is to choose the user account to import photos from, number of items to import and choose few other options. The photo feeds can then be inserted into your blog pages or posts using shortcode.

Most Popular Free Instagram WordPress Plugin

If you are in search of some of the best Instagram WordPress plugins that are available for free, here is the list of few of them that will make your life easy:

Instagram Feed

It is a popular free WP plugin that has more than 400,000 active user installs. You can start displaying the photos from any private Instagram account, once this plugin is integrated on your blog. It even provides you with option to create feeds from multiple accounts and each feed can display the photos from multiple accounts, ensuring that the blog displays constant and unique stream.

It is one of the best WordPress Instagram plugins as you get too much control over how images are displayed. The load more button (optional) gives your visitors an ability to display some more content in the feeds. The best part is that this plugin is updated on a regular basis and changes according to the current functionality of Insta.

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WP Instagram Widget


This one is an easy to use plugin as it is beginner friendly when you try to add the feeds on your website from this photo sharing website. You don’t require to fill in long forms or go through the long sign up process to use it.

It uses sensible and simple mark-ups. There are too many options to stylize and customize the widget matching your theme. The best part is that it comes up with filters to adjust the cache timings. You will be amazed to know that it has 5-star rating on WP repository and is really easy to install.

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Instagram Feed WD


From beginner’s point of view, it is the most advanced plugin that is easy to use and activate. The process of sharing the feeds becomes easy and effective using this widget. It is one of the solutions to engage social engagement on your website. You can add photos, posts, and even the social feeds from your account.

The plugin is SEO-friendly and is totally responsive. It also comes with infinite scroll and Insta comments lightbox. The users are also provided with image filtering option. What else can you expect from a free plugin?

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Feed them Social

You can also call it as all-in-one social media plugin for all the major social media platforms. The installation is as easy as for most of the plugins in this list. With just a tiny effort, you can display the Insta feeds on your website. Not only this, you can even feature the feeds of your favorite celebrity, you favorite company, apart from your own feeds.

The feeds can also be placed in the sidebar. The shortcode generator can be used to generate shortcodes so that you can display anything you want at any location on your webpage. The follow button can also be added above and below the feeds. This plugin will definitely make your life easy if you are looking to optimize your blog socially.

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Instagrate Lite

Instagrate Lite

Though this version of the plugin only offers a few basic features, they are still enough for a beginner. It is good for just a single site of yours and can import your images only. It will never ask you for your username and password. You can even place large images in your feed using it.

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The Bottom Line

If you are looking to instagramite your website, above listed are the best plugins available for free. These plugins will help you add your Instagram photos and feeds to your website at any location using shortcodes. Try them now!

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