Conceptmeister iPhone App For Those Who Don’t Have Time To Read The Whole Document

image1Don’t have time to read the whole article? Don’t worry — Conceptmeister is here. It is a free app used to get the main ideas about the article without reading the whole text. It is developed by EffectiveSoft and is available in both free and paid versions. In this review post we will discuss some features of the application. Let us first explore Conceptmeister.

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Detailed View of Concepmeister

As mentioned above the app is used to get a quick overview of an article without reading the whole text. The application is based on Intellexer™ data mining and natural language processing technology, to learn more, you may follow this link. Let’s have a look at some snaps which we took while using the application on our iPad. They will surely help you to understand the functionality and the features of the app.

1. There is no need to sign up.
2. Opening the app for the first time, you will be greeted with an intro into the application. Like the one shown below.

im2im3im43. The User can take a photo of a document or can choose a snap of document from the gallery. Users can also upload online documents from Dropbox or another sources.

from dropbox4. To test the work of the app we used it on a scanned image. To know how it works, have a look below.

testing from our end5. After selecting document user have to crop it according to his/her requirements.
6. After cropping, click on the Get Concepts option. That’s it, you are done, concepts and summary of the scanned document will be generated by the application. Just as you can see from the snaps below. User can also adjust the length of the summary.

detailsparagragh7. Users can also use Conceptmeister to summarize online webpages. You can see from the first pic below, that we submitted the url of the webpage which we wanted to summarize and it worked like the above mentioned method.

url methodsummary8. In the images below you can see that we are adjusting the length of the summary according to our requirements.

summarysizeFeatures of the Concepmesiter

Here are some features of the application. This list will help you to understand the utility of the Concepmesiter.

1) Gives a short summary or we can say an overview of the document. Hence, just use Concepmesiter and get an overview of the document without reading the whole text.
2) User will get both concepts used in documents and summary of the document.
3) It works fine with images, documents and web pages.
4) User can adjust the summary length according to his/her requirements.
5) User can also use filters for better results.
6) User can also use it as language recognizer.
Final Word about Concepmesiter

We are wrapping up the post here with some pros and cons which we noticed while using the app have a look at some points below.


Starting with pros of the of application. Here are some positive things associated with the application.

• Smooth User Interface.
• The result is highly accurate.
• The processing speed of the document is very fast.
• The user can adjust the length of the summary of the document which is really nice.
• Compact app just sized in 10MB.


Here is a list of cons associated with the application have a look.

• It is a good app, but only available for iOS based devices hence it is not available for other platforms Android, Windows, etc.
• It only supports English.

Despite all these cons, the Conceptmeister app is still recommended from our side. It is a good application with good concept and can be helpful for students or for people who don’t have time to read the whole documents. The cost of the paid version of the application is very nominal that it is just 0.99$. You can try this free app and it won’t take much space on your iOS device. Please, share your experience with us through like, comments and shares.

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