Best 10 Calorie Tracker App For iPhone Or iPad

In today’s life some of the apps have become essential parts of our life and calorie trackers applications are one of them. These types of apps keep a track on our daily calorie intakes and help us to stay fit and healthy. There are hundreds of Calories tracking apps available in the market, but don’t worry, we would help you to find out a best Calorie application for you.

Best 10 Calorie Tracker iPhone or iPad apps

Here is a list of top 10 best calorie tracker app for iPhone or iPad.

1. My Calorie Limit – Weight Loss Calculator

limit nowOne of the best free calorie tracker apps available in the market. It is very easy to use and is also very effective too. A user can easily gain or loss weight with the help of this app. As mentioned, it is very easy to use it, just add your current weight and your goal weight that’s it. Here is the link of the app.


1) Free application.
2) Responsive and Attractive user interface.
3) Very helpful in controlling weight.


  • Weight gain tips option is absent.

2. SparkPeople- Weight Loss Diet & Calorie Calculator

sparkleSparkPeople is very helpful if you want to lose weight. There are many features available in this app. User can keep a track on its calorie intake in many ways with the help of this amazing app. There are many options like barcode, etc., which can help a user to check how much calorie does food contains. A user can easily it regular weight gain and loss. There are many articles available regarding Health, Diet and Fitness. Check this link to know more.


1) Lots of features are available in the application.
2) Free application.
3) Responsive Interface.


1) For some users it may be difficult to use.
2) Sometimes we felt like it is lagging.

3. MyFitnessPal: Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker

counterMyFitnessPal is also a good option if you are looking for Calorie tracker application. With the you can check the calorie content of more than 5,000,000 food items. Users can also use barcode options to check the calorie content. MyFitnessPal easily integrates with iOS based devices to keep a track of total calories burn. There are lots more to discuss about the app, check out this link.


1) Features like track daily calorie burns, barcode supports, etc. are very helpful.
2) Instead of having many features the application is free.


1) It is a free application, but have ads and the user has to buy premium service for ad free experience.
2) There are some issue while synchronizing the data.

4. FatSecret: Calorie Counter


FatSecret is also very helpful if you are looking to lose weight. It has some features which makes the application different from other apps in the store. Record yours dieting plans in a dairy. Check what are eating and what is your progress report. With its help, you can stay connected with different expert in the same community. Check this link to know more.


1) Some amazing features as mentioned making it different from others.
2) It is a free application.


1) The only drawback is the interface. The interface is not too attractive compared to similar ones in the store.

5. Diet Point • Weight Loss

dietDiet Point is packed with more than 130 weight loss diet plans. Some of the features are like reminder for the next meal, BMI calculators, etc. makes it different from other application. Check this link to know more.


1) Can be downloaded from the store without paying anything.
2) Some of the features mentioned above are quite impressive.


1) The interface is not good if we compare it with other mentioned applications.
2) Sometimes we felt its lagging during heavy use.

6. Lose It! : Weight Loss Program and Calorie Counter

loose itIt is also a very good app if you want to lose some weight. Just enter some of the basic information about yourself and this app will create a diet plan for you. Users can set goals for weight, sleep, blood pressure, etc. and this app will help users to achieve that goal. Check out this link to know more.


1) Free application.
2) Attractive and simple user interface.


1) According to some of the users the accuracy level is not high.

7. Noom Coach: A Weight Loss Coach

noomThis application is your coach and it creates your diet plan and makes you to follow these plans. It will take a track of your daily calorie intake. There are many things to discuss about the app have a look to this link to know more.


1) It is like a personal virtual coach, which is very effective.
2) Its interface is also very good.


1) It is free to use, but with limited features.

8. Fooducate: Weight Loss Coach

foodIt is more than a Calorie tracker application. In Fooducate app, users can track their calorie intake, they can check the calorie content of different food items and users can access lots of healthy recipes. To Know more, check out this link.


1) Free app.
2) There are lots of free healthy recipes available.


1) The user interface is not attractive.
2) Sometimes it hangs up.

9. My Diet Diary: A Calorie Counter Application

diet timerIt provides an easy way to achieve your goal weight. With the help of its users can track their weight, food, exercise, etc. It has Huge database of different foods and healthy recipes. Users can connect with other users through very active forum. Check out this link to know more.


1) Easy to user, attractive user interface.
2) Active forum is there through which different users can interact with experts or they can communicate with each other to share their experience.


1) There are some bugs like a sudden crash of app, etc. This should be checked by developer team.
2) The user interface is not too attractive.

10) Nutrition Menu – Calorie, Exercise, Weight & Water Tracking

nutritionThis app is more than a Calorie monitoring app. Through this app the user can not only track it calories intake but it also tracks other things like exercise, weight and even water level. It contains menus of more than 49,000 restaurants. It has more than 51,000 foods records in the database. There are lots more to discuss about this amazing app, click here to know more.


1) Easy to use app.
2) Its User interface is also very good.


1) It is not a free app.
2) Crashes sometimes.

Final Words

We hope you read all of above mentioned Calorie tracking apps carefully and will download one of the above apps. Please share your thoughts with us through like, comments and share.

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