What to Wear When Visiting a Casino in Portugal

Are you planning to head to one of the best and lavish casinos this weekend? Wondering what to wear to the casino to look your best? This is the best opportunity to dress up with your friends and family. Few casinos have fixed dress codes necessary to follow, whereas a few casinos do not have particular dress codes. Here is when you can select your comfortable casino clothing and make your casino night – the most memorable one!

However, you should have fun and be presentable while going there. The author Victoria Oliveira (you can find out more about her here), takes us on tour on what to wear when visiting a casino in Portugal.

White Tie

If you are thinking of how to dress for a casino in Portugal, a white tie is the highest formality level. Be it a full evening dress or anything formal; you can never go wrong with formal outfits. It can be a fitted black dress coat with tails and trousers and a satin stripe for men.

Are you looking for a better option? Select wing collars or shirt studs and cufflinks. Along with these, black leather shoes like Oxfords are preferable to jazz up the look! On the other hand, women can opt for floor-length gowns or ball gowns with elegant jewellery, small purses such as a beautiful clutch bag, and wear white gloves or fur wraps.

Black Tie

When we talk about the next most formal dress code, it’s the black tie. You surely won’t need to even bring your best garment out of the closet if you plan to stay indoors playing online in some of the most exciting offers on display in Portugal. You can always check one of the trusted review websites such as Betway Casino, to find the best online casino bonuses for Portugal.

But should you go out and want to look your best, black tie is ideal for special events or VIP lounges. It can be a dinner jacket for men, i.e. a short jacket without tails and matching pants. The preferable colours are burgundy or navy blue.

Another option for casino clothing is a bottom-down collared white shirt with a bow or a tie, black socks, and shoes. Wearing a waistcoat is pretty optional. For women, it can be floor-length gowns or elegant cocktail dresses to look stunning! Wearing evening shoes with a heel or classic silhouettes can look the best. It is always preferable for men to wear rich and dark colours with decent accessories to enhance the overall look.


Are you confused about what to wear to a casino? Go for semi-formals as they are reserved for nice events before noon time because it’s always said that daytime attires are less formal in general. Rather than wearing typical formals, semi-formals are pretty comfortable to wear in casinos. Men can opt for a tux and pick a less formal suit made up of wool and feel free to skip the tie as well. Wear comfortable trousers as jeans and khakis are not suitable for a casino.

Men can also wear a button-down shirt or polos to give a casual look. On the other hand, women can wear short dresses or cocktail dresses to look attractive. With them, they can wear either shoes or heels or sandals, whatever works best for them. An elegant long skirt with a nice blouse is also a pretty good option that can be considered semi-formal. If it’s in the evening, stick to dark colours always.


Casuals are known to be at the lowest level of formality in the dress code. They are your everyday wear. It is not always about wearing ripped T-shirts and sweatpants. When wearing casuals, think of any pretty outfit you would wear on your first date.

All patterns and colours are considered good when it comes to casuals. It can be even plain T-shirts and jeans. But wear shorts in the daytime when visiting a casino. Being a woman, are you confused about how to dress for a casino? Wear skirts, jeans, khakis, or sundresses. Opt for shorts if you are comfortable during the daytime. Choose less formal blouses if you are willing to keep them casual.

I hope you got enough ideas on how to dress up perfectly for a casino night and look stunning! Just wear an outfit that is comfortable enough so that you can have fun and enjoy it to the fullest.

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