8 Best Classic WoW Tips After Diablo IV Update

The Classic WoW team has been updating the game frequently. A player keeps up with the patch notes and game updates to get popular items. Average WoW Classic players don’t have the time to keep up with the changes in the system’s algorithms. Here are 8 tips for a new player or returning player to earn popular items in the game.

Best Tips for Beginners and Returning Players

8 Best Classic WoW Tips After Diablo IV Update

Anyone can follow the suggested tips and tricks to improve the results in the WoW Classic game. Read the suggestions twice for memorizing the essential parts.

#1 Inventory

The lack of inventory space in WoW Classic may be a problem since you will have to store all your items to expedite the gold-making process. The solution is to obtain more bags to expand the inventory space. Use the tailoring profession to craft silver or buy the bags using silver. The General or Trade chats are also good places to ask for bags, and you will most likely make a deal. Do not get rid of additional bags because they come in handy later.

#2 Servers

New players choose a random server during the first few weeks. Choose a server that has full or high under the popular bar. Meanwhile, do not enter the server randomly without learning the meaning behind the PVP, Normal, and RP.

Normal: Most new players choose a normal server for a casual game.

PVP: There’s a broader meaning behind the PVP, but I will make it simple. A PVP server doesn’t have restrictions, and the opposing faction can attack you anytime. Classic WoW has a thrilling side, and the PVP server is the right one for you.

RP: The RP stands for Roleplay and is similar to GTA 5 Roleplay. A group has control over the server and makes stricter rules for realism. The active players have to follow mentioned rules and have different names to identify each player.

#3 WoW Classic Gold

Millions have spent money on in-game valuables and enjoyed the spoils before finishing the quests. You can spend a few bucks on WoTLK Classic Gold and earn gold in the wallet. Spend the purchased gold on the valuable items in the game and experience next-level gaming. There are many sources to buy cheap WoW TBC classic gold like p2pah.com without messing up the monthly allowance.

#4 Authenticator

New players can increase the bag capacity by up to four slots. Authenticate the account on the Battlenet (game developer) application and unlock four slots. A new player can make good use of the four empty slots against similarly ranked opponents. Go to your Blizzard account > Security > Click on Apple App Store or Google Play Store icon. Install the app on your smartphone and authenticate the account.

#5 Enemy Nameplates

Enable the enemy nameplates in the WoW Classic game. You can learn about the enemy’s presence when they are within your range. The nameplate gives off the location and improves visibility. You can’t enable the function from the settings. View the opponent names by pressing V on the keyboard when there is an enemy nearby, and the nameplate appears on the screen.

#6 Finish Quests

The WoW Classic puts out quests for each player. Take time to finish off the listed quests in the game. Earn gold by finishing the quests and earn them before level 70. The earned gold comes in handy when buying gear, epic flying, gear pieces, etc.

#7 Add Spells

The game gives you spells and abilities after leveling in the account. The WoW Classic grants new spells in every two level, and the orders go like this 10, 12, 14, 16, etc. The game automatically updates the abilities and spells in the bar. However, you have paladins or warlocks, and the bar doesn’t get updated automatically. You have to keep up with the new updates in the game and update the bar.

#8 Master Selected Weapons

Master selected weapons in the game and gain an edge over the competition. Train your muscle brain in the training map and learn new weapons as they are added in the library. Of course, you cannot spend time to learn every weapon that comes in the account. Take a look at the weapon red, then find out if you can learn them in your class and locations.

Bottom Line

The WoW Classic has changed the MMORPG video game category. Follow the guide to improve your stances in the game and against the enemy faction. These tips and tricks give you a heads up early on and puts you at an advantage against the similarly ranked players.

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