6 Digital Marketing Tips for New Entrepreneurs in 2024

Undoubtedly, artificial intelligence (AI) is the present and future of digital marketing, and new entrepreneurs need to pay attention to them.

But, they’re not the only trend.

Rather than pondering over what the future holds, focus on embracing current trends and technologies, paving the way for an immersive digital experience.


With global internet users spending an average of 2 hours 27 minutes per day on social media, using the latest strategies helps you get ahead of the digital marketing game this year,

Even though your start-up doesn’t have the resources similar to a multinational company, that doesn’t mean you can’t win over your competitors.

Developing intelligent digital marketing plans without breaking the bank is what makes your business successful.

With new technologies cropping up from every nook and corner, digital marketing trends and strategies are continually evolving. That’s why it’s important to stay in the loop and optimize your marketing efforts for business success.

Buckle up, we are about to give you a sneak peek of the latest digital marketing tips.

6 Digital marketing tips for new entrepreneurs in 2023

From our experience, these digital marketing tips can help your business reach great heights in 2023:

Hire a digital marketing agency

Sometimes, it’s challenging to keep your head above the water in a sea of digital marketing trends and opportunities.

There are a lot of decisions to make! Should you try search engine marketing or social media marketing? Is it better to generate leads through landing pages or blog posts? Will email marketing deliver the required results for the SaaS business?

Finding the answer to these questions can be challenging, especially for new entrepreneurs who are new to this field. That’s where a SaaS digital marketing agency comes in.

SaaS digital marketing agency


These digital marketing agencies cover your digital marketing requirements by implementing innovative and out-of-the-box strategies to market your services to customers searching for them. From managing your content creation requirement to SEO and optimizing your web pages, these agencies are your one-stop destination.

For most companies, these digital marketing agencies serve as an extension of your marketing team. Some benefits of hiring such agencies are:

  • Identifies revenue-driving strategies
  • Streamlines campaign management
  • Saves time and money
  • Manages your marketing agencies
    Boosts organic traffic to your website
  • Increases revenue

Interesting statistic: With over one billion people using Google each month to search for products and services, digital marketing agencies help you rank higher on the search engine result pages (SERPs), taking your business to another level.

Create humanized and branded content

It’s not just customers who want to connect with brands on a deeper level. Given the recent downturn in economic conditions, almost everyone is seeking light relief in their everyday life, and they search the internet for humanized and well-researched content.

Creating digital content offering humor, honesty, and information is the key to building brand loyalty and attracting customers to your products and services.

Also, as the digital customer is unforgiving, you cannot afford to publish content with incorrect sentence structures and typos. Such errors are annoying because the misplacement of a single comma can alter the meaning of a message you’re trying to convey.

So, before sharing any content with your users, use Grammar Checker to ensure your content is free from punctuation and grammatical errors.

Another exciting way to humanize brands is using cute-looking mascots in all your brand communication, including videos, emails, and website content. Mascots turn faceless companies into loveable personalities overnight.

For instance, notice how Synk uses Doberman as their mascot. Doberman is known for its fearlessness and willingness to defend owners from attackers, similar to what Synk does – providing security to developers’ codes.

Using mascots for building brand loyalty

Interesting statistics: Brand mascots and characters increase profits and emotional connection by 41%.

Take charge of your audience’s data

With the rise of data privacy laws like the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), many browsers are celebrating the demise of third-party cookies. With customers deciding whether a website can use cookies, it’s a massive shift in how companies collect and use customer data.

Though market research engines provide some valuable information to your customers, it’s at the cost of your return on investment (ROI). Even then, you don’t get hold of solid data. You have to be satisfied with generalized and aged data. And using external sources of data easily steers your marketing ship in the wrong direction.

Using your audience data

Instead, use the customized experience of your customers to learn more about them and use various real-time conversation tools. Chatbots on your website are an excellent way to interact and collect helpful information from anyone knocking on your website.

These interactions make it easy to glean why certain offers compel customers to purchase. The insights you receive help narrow down your content and marketing efforts.

By taking charge of your audience’s data, you’re better positioned to address their pain points and solve your small business problems.

Pro-tip: Ensure your marketing and content efforts incorporate customers’ buying behavior and interests.

Change your website for better conversion rates

If the list of most visited and viewed blog posts isn’t the same as the blog posts that provide the most conversions, you’re missing great opportunities to capture leads. It can be due to misplaced or mismatched call-to-actions (CTAs).

So, when creating your website or blog post, include only a single CTA.

If any web page uses multiple CTAs, create one matching your blog post topic. This enhances the buyer’s journey and improves their experience when visiting your website.

Today, many companies use text-based CTAs that link to valuable resources related to the information you discussed in the blog post.

Remember your text-based CTAs should:

  • Never distract visitors from your primary CTA
  • Be relevant to the topic in discussion
  • Be useful for visitors

In 2023, these CTAs are likely to dominate content writing because they provide readers with more information and help you score leads, and increase the opportunity of converting them into long-term paying customers.

Pro-tip: lf the design is outdated or has been re-used on many different pages, your CTA may lose its appeal. Try to give this design a modern facelift and replace it with a new CTA.

Use audio-visual product marketing strategies

Another trend likely to dominate is using audio-visual (AV) technology in your digital marketing strategy.

AV goes hand-in-hand like salt and pepper with digital marketing.


In a world where static imagery dominates the web, AV creates a more memorable and impressive user experience.

AV dominates the digital landscape as it’s a powerful medium providing fascinating results to digital marketers. This primarily means creating interactive, immersive, and intricate mini-sites with which users can use and have fun.

These websites include gamification, meaning designers reward the users as they navigate around the website and reach specific goals.

Consider digital and social media filters, where users engage with your products when browsing, such as trying on different sunglasses to see how they look on your face. Such an immersive experience attracts new customers and takes your business to another level.

Some reasons for incorporating AV content:

  • Convert visitors into customers
  • Search engine ranks content higher on SERPs
  • Offers a good return on investment
  • Helps build trust
  • Boosts engagement

Pro-tip: With a sprinkle of creativity and planning, you can produce engaging video content.

Perform A/B tests

Another digital marketing strategy that works wonders for your brand is A/B tests. It’s testing different versions of web pages, landing pages, emails, and ads to see which one your visitors like.

You achieve this by running two different versions of your marketing material. One is the experimental page, while one is the control page. Both pages use different color schemes, images, CTA, and layouts.

Perform A/B testing

In A/B testing, half of your website visitors see version A, and the other half see version B.

Rather than relying on only one design and hoping it delivers the expected results, create two designs and test both using A/B testing. This testing helps you collect data and make decisions based on customers’ liking.

Interesting statistics: 58% of companies use A/B testing for conversion rate optimization, making A/B testing a must for the success of your digital marketing campaigns.

It’s time to reset your digital marketing strategies

So that’s it!

With these six digital marketing tips, you’re ready to reach your target audience and exemplify your products or services like never before.

If you’re using age-old digital marketing techniques, it’s the right time to refresh your strategy and implement these ideas.

Getting ahead of tech advancements like AI and AV will likely give you an advantage over competitors.

Ultimately, creating a digital marketing strategy isn’t something that you can achieve overnight. It takes time, dedication, hard work, and these tips.

Stick with these tips and refine your strategy as technology and customer requirements change to master your digital marketing game.

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