Comparison of Bitcoin and Altcoins

Investment is made in cryptocurrencies or other currencies or stocks to see it grow and earn the best returns. The return from investment can either be personal or financial. Personal return is where investors see business or individual growth and financial return is where you expect to make money by investing. The world of finance

Cryptocurrency as a short- and long-term investment option

The first purchase using Bitcoin came in 2010 when a young IT professional from Florida bought two pizzas using his 10K Bitcoins. If the young man somewhere skipped this day’s dinner, he could have gained immensely with this amount. This amount today has helped him to be a billionaire in the digital currency market. He

Is this the time to invest in Digital Currencies?

When it comes to investing in anything, one thumb rule is managing the risks and increasing the gains. We have seen people mastering this art and gaining extensive investment ventures in the past few decades. They have enjoyed the best option for selecting the right assets, including some fixed deposits, or putting money in gold

Cryptocurrency Investment: Become filthy rich with digital money 

The popularity of Bitcoin and other digital currency in the market is only for one big reason – it can make you filthy rich. Yes, that’s the new mantra of 2021; digital currencies score all the points regarding investment options. Despite all the odds in the form of risks, it is among the most consumed

Understand the risks, positives, and negatives of cryptocurrencies!

Technology offers modern convenience and efficiency to everyone in daily life. These conveniences involve online currencies that are known as cryptocurrencies. In simple words, cryptocurrencies are digital money that operates without banks or government and is easy to transfer like cash. Moreover, the nature of digital currencies is digital and has decentralized nature. Therefore, it

How to Choose Best Cryptocurrencies to Invest In?

The crypto industry started with only one crypto token, i.e., Bitcoin, and today there are around 6000 cryptocurrencies that get actively traded in the financial world. Out of these 6000 cryptocurrencies, how will you choose one if you invest in any cryptocurrency? There will be a lot of confusion, and I guess you are not

Hodlnaut for iOS Review: Earn 12.73% APY on Crypto

Many investors are completely unaware that they can earn passive income and grow their crypto-assets while holding them. Today, we will talk about the fastest growing user-friendly platform for investors to invest in cryptocurrencies, Hodlnaut. A detailed review will give you more information about Hodlnaut and its app called the Hodlnaut app for iOS. What

Is bitcoin going to remain the main cryptocurrency for normal transactions?

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency have bloomed since 2009. Will cryptocurrency be accepted and regulated by the central banks of the nation? What will be the future of bitcoin? Is it a good idea to invest in Bitcoin? All these questions can be troublesome for people looking to invest in bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. Though the

Fun Things You Can Do with Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin has become a sensation these days. Everyone around has been talking about this cryptocurrency which is actually decentralized. Governments of most of the countries around the world have not accepted this currency, but still, people are investing heavily on Bitcoins. With the rise of Bitcoin, several cryptocurrencies have been launched in the market. Of

How will be the Future of Bitcoin?

Recently, we have seen the dominance of Bitcoin in the media. All thanks to the way it has soared its prices and even gone down in a big way. However, with the slowdown of the coin, nothing really can be explained to the audience. Yet, a tangible amount of people intends to invest in this

Bitcoin Driving Digital Coins in a Big Way

With the global economy reaching the next level has many more things to share. One of these includes the digital ecosystem. It is now driven by the newly introduced digital currencies, often termed Cryptocurrency. From investing to putting money in it, one can see things going paperless. In other words, it is becoming digital. One

In which sectors have crypto proven to be very beneficial?

If we talk about cryptocurrency, there are lots of users who are getting engaged with cryptocurrencies. Even according to the statistical data of the bitcoin blockchain, there is an increase of about one million users in the bitcoin platform for investment purposes. Now bitcoin has become a part of the life of various people. People