Bitcoin Can Be a Mixed Blessing

The moment we saw Janet Yellen, the Tre Sec from the top financial institute, warning about the inefficiency of Bitcoin last week, we witnessed the surge of the same in a big way. They seemed to make the lady talk about the same against digital money. However, the movement in the cost seems like a

Top 5 Important Things You Didn’t know about Bitcoin

Bitcoin has become one of the most popular cryptocurrencies around the world. You will able to make a considerable amount of profit by investing money in Bitcoin. Before going to a bitcoin exchange, one should pay close attention to so many important things. It has become one of the most popular cryptocurrencies that were built

Cyber Security Best Practices to Keep Your Crypto Assets Secure

Amid the soaring popularity of cryptocurrency, investors and traders alike have become a prime target by cybercriminals. While hacking the blockchain borders the impossible, there have been countless cyberattacks on cryptocurrency exchanges and crypto wallets since its inception in 2009. With this in mind, below are crypto security tips to help you safeguard your digital

Best Easy Way To Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card or Debit Card

In today’s digital world, people have started using Cryptocurrencies to make their online transactions. Bitcoin and many other digital currencies are getting more popular. To make your Cryptocurrencies trading easier, there’s a reliable platform called Paybis for you. Let’s get the details about this crypto-exchange platform now! What is has been in the

What Is the Key Difference Between the Ripple and Bitcoin?

Ripple (XRP) provides digital currency holders the ability to obtain their currency from everyone in the world. In contrast, Bitcoin goes via Bitcoin “miners”—a private network of computers that manages to issue new bitcoins. Electronic cigarettes (abbreviate as E-cigarettes) vary in their key intent, the way they are made, and the costs and time involved

Types of Cryptocurrency

Initially, cryptocurrencies were designed to trade themselves without the need for government-backed currency or fiat money. Nowadays, though, it is said that cryptocurrencies are now being regarded as possible assets.  Cryptocurrency Types: Although the best forms of cryptocurrencies for investments are those with a high market capitalization, the field as a whole is underperforming. On

Bitcoin Mining Basics

All the miners in the bitcoin network are attempting to discover a particular mathematical dilemma, such that they will be able to win a bitcoin reward. To solve the mystery, the miner must try at least thousands of calculations every second before finding the one that works. The higher the processing capacity of your mining

Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold

The original Bitcoin was meant to bring privacy back to the world. Many people have heard and know the basics of Bitcoin. The original version of Bitcoin may have lacked certain features preventing certain groups from gaining control of Bitcoin, but a new development of an “alt coin” has an answer. (BCH): Though it was

How Long Will the Bitcoin Bull Run Last?

When it comes to cryptocurrency and Bitcoin, the past few years have been turbulent and volatile. In 2018, the price of Bitcoin fell below $4000 USD – a decrease of 80% in comparison to a previous January peak. In 2021, the price of BTC has continued to rise, hitting new all time highs again and

Blockchain Technology; A Better Option for Mortgage Refinancing

Have you ever found yourself stuck in the middle of seemingly unending back and forth movements from one office to another, application after the other, and all of this for the sole purpose of refinancing your burdensome home mortgage? The old paperwork process involved can be tiring. In our twenty-first-century era, better defined with ever-growing

What Risks Do You Face While Investing in Bitcoin?

It is a virtual currency which is considered to be the future of exchange. It is the global currency which is one of the methods of determining online trading goods by which commerce can be accelerated in the complexities of national currency. Bitcoin which has become a successful currency today, but has a few new