Best Ways on How To Get to Library on Mac

Many users are trying to access the Library Folder on the MacBook and Mac computer. However, Apple developers have hidden the folder from the average users. We have put together a tutorial to access the folder and a way to keep it on the Finder app. Follow my lead to access the Library on Mac.

What is The Library on Mac?

The macOS hides the Library Folder on your Mac and MacBook machine. Apple has hidden the folder because it contains the user’s settings, cache, application data, preferences, software files, etc. The official developers don’t want the users to mess around with the system folders. One wrong move can stop several functions on your MacBook. Let me show you how to access the Library Folder on your macOS machine.

How To Access the Library Folder in macOS?

You can reveal the library folder on macOS regardless of the version. The below method will work for the latest and older macOS versions.

1. Launch the “Finder” app from the dock.

2. Click the “Go” from the top menu and reveal more options.

3. Press the “Option” key from the keyboard.

4. The “Option” key will reveal the “Library” in the drop-down menu.

5. Click the “Library” option.

The library folder appears on the screen.

How To Access the Library Folder Manually?

You can find the Library folder manually using the Finder and Disk Utility. Let me walk you through the manual process on macOS.

1. Launch the “Disk Utility” from the launchpad.

2. Choose the “Macintosh HD” or “macOS Snapshot” option.

3. Select the drive and right-click the mouse for more options.

4. Click the “Show in Finder” option from the revealed menu.

5. A new folder appears on the screen, and click the “Library” folder.

6. Access the Library folder contents.

Older Mac users can use this method and it will work every time.

How To Pin Library Folder in Favorites?

There are three types of Library folders on your Mac. I have shown you the manual method above, and that’s the first type of Library folder containing accessible data. You need an administrator account to write the folder. There’s another Library folder containing macOS system files. The hidden Library is what we need to access the files for troubleshooting the macOS problems.

1. Open the “Finder” app from the dock.

2. Click the “Go” from the top menu to reveal more options.

3. Click the “Go to Folder” option at the bottom.

4. Choose the /user from the options and click the “Go” button.

5. Select the folder with your computer or your name.

6. Drag and drop the folder in the sidebar or favorites.

7. Click the newly added folder from the sidebar.

8. Click the “View” from the top bar.

9. Click the “Show view options” from the drop-down menu.

10. Click the “Show library folder” from the new window.

11. The Library folder is not available in the sidebar.

You can access the Library folder from the Favorites folder from now on.

Bottom Line

I have shown you three ways to access the Library folder on your Mac or MacBook. I have covered the tutorial keeping the older and newer macOS users. You can remove the pinned folder by right-clicking the mouse and removing it from the dock. Let us know why you want to access the Library folder.

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