Best 8 Essay Ideas About Electronic Gadgets

In modern society, writing about electronic gadgets is sure to get you a lot of attention. Whether it is a blog or class essay, electronic gadgets are some of the most relevant items available.

While there are many topics about electronic gadgets that you could choose, you need to ensure you choose some of the best and most interesting. Here are 8 of the best essay ideas about electronic gadgets.

Apple versus Android

Since the emergence of the modern smartphone, people seem to be divided. Apple and Android each have their own offerings, as well as their own shortcomings. While you may prefer one over the other, addressing this topic is still relevant and may shed some light on how each can improve.

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Best smartphones of the year

Writing an essay about the best smartphones can seem quite simplistic, but consider that you need to include their features and shortcomings, as well as value for money, you can have a strong topic. People search for the best smartphone each year to stay ahead of the curve and to have the best. You can help them make the decision.

Is PC better than console?

When discussing which is better, you can include ideas about upgradability, game compatibility, cost, and long-term investment. Many people choose one or the other and believe their choice to be the best. You can use your essay to highlight the pros and cons of each platform, potentially changing some people’s opinions around the topic.

Is a flagship really necessary?

In your essay, you can outline whether the flagship phone really is a better choice, including discussions around the price of flagship and whether it offers value for money. You can also address the idea that many people lay out money for a flagship but don’t use it to its fullest potential.

How much RAM is enough?

Talking about the RAM that is available in a device can highlight what it actually does and what is the optimal amount of RAM needed for each device. While many smartphones are now including large amounts of RAM, is it really necessary? You can use your essay to address the average RAM needs of people depending on their device usage.

Is TV still relevant?

Most people now stream shows on Netflix, Hulu, or YouTube. This brings the question, is regular TV still relevant? Your essay can talk about services that are present on TV, which may not be accessible online while addressing the convenience of on-demand programming. TV may not be entirely relevant anymore, but are TV owners still justified in their decision?

Can we live without the internet?

It seems every household across the globe has some kind of internet access. People use the internet for a variety of daily activities, including basic communication. With the UN declaring internet access a basic human right in 2016, your essay can explore whether life without the internet is a life filled with value.

Best tech gifts of the year

Another “best of” list can cover the best tech gifts for the year. Many people have become tech junkies and want the latest tools and devices. By exploring the best tech gifts, you can see what the tech market is doing and how this may change in the future.


There is an overwhelmingly large number of essay topics around electronic gadgets. While some are reasonably simple, others require you to step away from your own beliefs to provide an unbiased opinion. Regardless of the platform of your essay, people will always be interested in reading it, since electronic gadgets and technology seem to always be relevant topics.

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