Apps That Work Better than Their Website Counterparts

The world of mobile is growing more and more each day. With pretty much everyone owning a smartphone nowadays, it’s easy to see that most people are turning to mobile as their primary tech devices. As expected, this has brought on a few changes in the online world. While most of them are subtle, some make a big enough difference for most people to notice. One of the changes people are noticing is the increased quality of mobile apps, with some of them easily overpowering their website counterparts and offering a much better user experience!

Casino Apps

Online casinos have been around for a while now, but they’ve become a heavy-hitter in the online entertainment scene pretty recently. These platforms offer excellent entertainment, hosting a variety of games that everyone can get behind. It doesn’t matter if you like old-school classic table games or modern themed slots, they’ve got it all! Online casinos might have started as websites, but the popularity of mobile is changing that.

If you visit a new casino, it won’t take you long to realize that it probably has a dedicated mobile app. Since most users tend to visit these places through their smartphones, this new development makes sense. The kicker here is that most casino apps have quickly surpassed their website counterparts! The game optimization for mobile is next-level, allowing players to enjoy a seamless gameplay experience on the go!

Meditation Apps

While meditation wasn’t the most common practice in western societies a few decades ago, it’s recently become a pretty big deal! Everyone can enjoy the benefits of a few minutes of meditation each day. A bit of time to clear your head can do wonders for your overall mental state, and more people are starting to realize that! As expected, it didn’t take long for meditation to become a huge hit on the internet, with websites dedicated to it popping up at pretty much every corner.

With the rise of mobile popularity in the past decade, meditation has found a comfortable space in the app stores of every major platform. Meditation apps are now all the rage and with good reason! While websites did a great job of helping people meditate for a while, mobile’s capabilities now surpass what they have to offer! Through the integration of voice commands, audio cues, and timers, meditation apps effortlessly take users on a relaxing journey through their minds.

Navigation Apps

It should be pretty obvious why this one is on the list. Using websites to find where you’re going has never been the best way to do things. While many websites out there offer helpful tips and directions, nothing beats the integrated GPS that all smartphones have. It’s safe to say that most are used to using our phones for help while driving, and no matter how good they are, websites can’t offer that.

Another big reason why navigation apps trump their website counterparts is the information they offer. While websites might have won on this front not too long ago, navigation apps are now chock-full of info on everything within a certain radius! Users can find the best restaurants around, bustling entertainment venues, high-end shops, and even hotels at the click of a button. The high competitiveness of these apps urges them to keep growing their libraries, so not only are they already top-notch, but they keep improving by the day!


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