Why You Might Need to Unlock Your Used Phone When You Buy It

The argument over unlocking phones has reached a breaking point. There have been instances where phone owners could not unlock their gadgets without the consent of their cell providers.

It entails that customers cannot purchase a device with a two-year agreement and then unlock the device (a surprisingly easy process) so that it can connect to providers other than the one with your contract.

While carriers-locked cell phones are the norm in the US and UK, unlocked smartphones lead the market in emerging nations. However, it means they miss out on the advantages of unlocked phones.

What are unlocked cell phones, and what advantages can they offer you? Here is everything you need to discover about the device, including the benefits of selecting an unlocked phone when you want to buy your next smartphone.

Difference Between a Locked and an Unlocked Phone?

Smartphones with a program code that prohibits using SIM cards from different wireless carriers are said to be locked. For example, purchase a restricted Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra from T-Mobile. You may only use T-Mobile’s network with the smartphone. Verizon and other wireless networks will not support your Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Although carriers frequently sell locked phones to their network, you can still locate them on websites like eBay and Amazon.

The term “unlocked” refers to mobile devices without network constraints. You can utilize any service provider and change at any time. You are in complete control. You can switch from one carrier to another by simply switching out the SIM card.

One option for unlocked phones is those offered without network restrictions or those with initial limitations but later unlocked.

Below are reasons you might want to unlock your smartphone the next time you buy one.

Unlimited Options

Purchasing an unlocked phone gives customers a wide range of options. First, you are not constrained to the devices your carrier stocks or offers for sale.

You can decide to import a phone, purchase phones at lower prices from resellers, or purchase a mobile device your carrier doesn’t offer for whatever reason best known to you. You can do so if your phone supports the appropriate frequency bands.

Additionally, you have more options regarding where you may purchase your phone. It implies you can select a vendor based on convenience or compare costs to locate the best deal.

Additionally, since unlocked devices are available, you are not limited by your phone preferences when selecting a carrier. You are free to choose any carrier. It implies that just because a carrier offers the gadget you desire, you don’t have to stay with them.

Easier to Take Your Phone on International Travels


Whether you like to travel or need to make business trips abroad, the problem is that occasionally, a locked gadget won’t function in some nations.

Even so, most cellular service providers offer worldwide roaming if you use the phone in a nation other than where you signed the agreement; it is often at a fee. With an unlocked handset, you can temporarily use another country’s network on your phone without worrying about anything else.

If you’ve been traveling a lot, an unlocked phone might be something to consider.

Contracts Avoidance

When using an unlocked phone, users may forget about mobile phone agreements and the limitations that go along with them. You never have to worry about early cancellation fees or penalties because you can switch cell phone or service providers whenever you want.

No Worry About Hidden Charges

When you utilize an unlocked smartphone, you can prevent all the additional fees associated with your cell phone service. When you connect the phone to their service, cell phone companies charge extra fees for accessing certain services like broadband and text messaging.

Users of locked smartphones have little to no option but to pay these extra fees their phone companies add to keep using the phone. Due to the ability to pay as you go or switch carriers if there are too numerous hidden fees, an unlocked device can help you avoid these fees.

Dual-Sim Feature

One of the main advantages of owning an unlocked phone is using dual-SIM capabilities on devices that enable it. You can connect to two carriers simultaneously using a dual SIM phone. It offers a few other advantages and lets you compare prices on various call and data plans.

However, getting two telephone numbers from the same provider on one smartphone is the only true advantage of dual-SIM capabilities if your phone is locked. You lose out on unlocked dual SIM phones’ ability to reduce costs and prevent failures.

Software Updates and Hardware Upgrades

When a phone is locked, you can only use the apps and software the service provider offers, whereas unlocked cell phones allow you to upgrade or switch to the required software.

Unlocking your smartphone allows you to use new technologies as they become available.

Additionally, as companies sell these mobile devices straight to consumers, they are free of any defective hardware or software, allowing you to utilize them to their full potential.

You can purchase a new cell phone anytime because unlocking a smartphone frees you from contracts. If you unlock a device and find something better, you can immediately buy the new item. Faster hardware updates are a crucial benefit of contract-free devices.

High Resale Value

Used device sales and purchases are drawing interest. However, if your phone is carrier-locked, it will be challenging to sell it.

You do not need to fret about a possible buyer using the same network when you sell unlocked phones.

It is simple to sell an unlocked phone and use its earnings to purchase a new one if you are dissatisfied with it or desire an upgrade to a more innovative phone.

In sharp contrast, you can only sell a locked phone once the contract has expired, even if you find a buyer.

Unlocking Your Phone


Overall, the advantages of unlocked phones outweigh their disadvantages and the benefits of locked ones. But if you have to choose between the two, there are a few things to consider. If you’re tech well-informed, frequently travel abroad, and like the flexibility of changing carriers whenever you want, unlock your phone.

If you are hesitant to splurge, it is one of the main reasons to purchase a locked device. It might also be because wireless providers offer full insurance and customer service.

Functionality and preference will ultimately guide your decision, but unlocking your phone has numerous advantages you should consider.

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