Can a Business Analyst be a Project Manager?

Technology advancement has created a whole new world. We’re surrounded by technology and machine everywhere. Starting to a cell phones technology is everywhere and it has made life pretty effortless

Right now, we study about two parts technology, that is Big Data Analyst and Data Analytics.

What is Big Data Analyst?

Find the name itself we get a brief idea that big data hadoop analyst certification is basically the study specific data. It is basically study which uses various scientific methodologies to process algorithms and gain the knowledge of structural and unstructured data. Big Data Analyst is very fast study which covers a lot of various fields like statistics, data analysis, Data Analytics and a lot more. It enhances the knowledge about various forms of data and the structure storage of data. The knowledge of computer algorithm is very crucial while working on a device. Statistics and Big Data Analyst are very close as most of the function is pretty common. But unlike statistics Big Data Analyst focuses on problems and techniques of digital data.

Functions of Big Data Analyst

  • Big Data Analyst for products

Big Data Analyst includes strong verbal communication for enhancing its functionality. In a broader aspect it’s useful for the support function of the product. Data helps in monitoring and identifying products using scripting and SQL

  • Big Data Analyst as a product

Big Data Analysts can be an effective system of products, as it focuses on customer facing products. It often provides system programming languages that can be easily distributed in the technological environment.

  • Operations as Big Data Analysts

The Main function of Big Data Analyst and operation on stone dust and the way different factors affect the operational metrics of several products.  It requires a deep and constructive understanding of the infrastructure and functioning of several production houses. Provide the basic structure of identifying the time being about anomalous system behaviour

Data scientist’s work and functions keep changing with the course of time and demand of the organisation. For then it’s important to have a clear undistinguished charter for the entire team which feels the necessity of the organisation

What is Data Analytics

Data Analytics can be considered as a branch of artificial intelligence which provides the knowledge about computer algorithm. The basic algorithm such to increase the functionality and to reach a larger mass. Computer statistics and Data Analytics is pretty similar as the primary function of both of them is making predictions using computers. Performing task is extremely easy e and computers using computer algorithms.

Functions and uses of Data Analytics

With the usage of computer algorithm, Data Analytics performs various activities efficiently and effortlessly.

  • Recognition of image

The most commonly and efficiently used function of Data Analytics is a recognition of image. It describes every single detail in the image with extreme precision. The safety feature in the smart phones and other technologies like face recognition is one of the tools built from Data Analytics

  • Recognition of the voice

Another broad usage of Data Analytics is voice recognition. One of the most useful creations of artificial technology is recognising the words and sentences. This is done by setting a vast storage library of words and syllables. This has been a brilliant creation of Data Analytics as well, which has reduced the human effort.

  • Prediction

The biggest help from Data Analytics is production. We get a prediction of literally everything technical through the use of Data Analytics only. Whether it is the total fare of our cab ride or whether the total costing of a concert we are booking tickets for. Prediction uses mathematical algorithm to predict an approximately close figure.

The Difference between Big Data Analyst and Data Analytics

Big Data Analyst is one of the most quickly growing and expanding courses which provides a great potential. Most radiation statistics and data mining which allows the learning of grade visualisation of data. Big Data Analyst is often related to structured and unstructured data and its uses.

Data Analytics being a part of Big Data Analyst only, but It provides us with a lot of technological knowledge which a lot of statistical modelling. Data Analytics also help in processing natural languages and allows the learner to know great text representation techniques.

That might not be much differences but they are really unique in their own ways. They help us in several technological fields in their own way.

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