Live casino dealers: 10 Things You Need to Know About Online Casino Dealers

When we talk about the term “live casino dealer”, most of us  think of a person who is playing cards for money. Many people do not know that there are actually two types of live online casino dealers: an actor and a professional. This article will help you know which one is ideal for you and your needs.

The actor usually does not have any formal training because their acting skills, not card-playing abilities, make them valuable to the casino floor. The casino typically hires them because of their ability to perform to a particular character.

The professional online casino dealer, on the other hand, is skilled at playing cards for money. Casinos typically hire them to ensure fair play between players and dealers because they are trained rigorously in the art of card-playing. Dealers are usually selected based on their abilities at playing poker or blackjack. As a result, online casino dealers make up between 15% to 50% of the casino floor’s staff.

Live dealer casinos usually hire professional dealers; they do it because they know what we’re doing. They want to be able to ensure that the customers’ playing experience is safe and fair. They don’t want it pointing in the other direction.

Here are ten facts you need to know about online casino dealers:

1. They are the faces of the casino


Where have you not seen them? People have grown up watching these guys even on TV. The legendary “Texas Hold’em” poker player , known as “Rudy” is one of the most famous. Their professional skills can be found in many aspects of their occupation, from their ability to deal cards in a fair manner to being in control in tough situations.

2. They are highly trained in their craft

They must be trained and tested rigorously to ensure they can perform safely and adequately. They have to know the rules of the casino; from the most basic to the most complicated ones. They have been taught how to deal cards from a shuffled deck and how to be able to deal cards from a continuous one.

3. They are there for you

As we’ve mentioned, their primary role is to be the face of the casino. They stay with you throughout your playing experience. The world’s best casino staff are the ones who keep players coming back for more. From meeting and greeting to bidding and even providing after-game customer service regarding some games, they’re here for you and to keep your casino experience safe and fun.

4. They are more than just card players

Just like what we’ve said, they are there more than just to deal cards. They do more than that. In order to make the best experience for players, they have to give them information and decide together what information is needed. They give you a lot of good things, but it all boils down to them creating a relationship with you so you will come back again.


5. They are only hired during the gaming hours

Though it may sound unfair, casinos hire live online casino dealers only during gaming hours, which is the time when people get to enjoy playing. In other words, you get to enjoy all your favorite games from 9 am to 5 pm. This is because people become more interested in playing during these times, and they become more demanding of their casino’s live dealer team.


6. They are the highest-paid workers in the casino

They are paid based on their playing skill, not just based on how many hours they work. This means that even though they only get hired during certain hours, they are still paid well. Oftentimes, you can find top players commanding around $150 an hour or more for their services. Though this is a hefty investment, it is a small price to pay for the excellent experience that they offer.

7. They don’t make all the money in the casino

Though the employers get compensated well, it’s not all about payment; it’s about giving the players the best experience possible. They offer fun, and they make sure everything runs smoothly. You know, they make sure your gaming experience is as good as it gets. Dealers can help you choose the right game and provide a wide selection of games that you can play.

8. They are skilled in all the games

They are trained to become experts in all the games available in the casino. They may not like to brag about themselves that much, but they are capable of carrying out their jobs well, no matter what game you’re having fun with. That is because they know how to play everything from live blackjack to roulette, just for your entertainment.


9. They are the masters of the casino floor

They are more than just good card dealers. They have mastered the field. They have mastered dealing cards for money. You may not know this, but you will surely know who they are when you go online and play casinos games. They offer top-quality gaming content from the best providers in the industry.


10. They are not just there to deal cards

A bad dealer can ruin a casino experience for a player. This is why you need the best casino dealers who are there to make sure everything is fair, including themselves. They have to do this because they have witnessed what can happen if dishonest people get into their field of work.

Also, they are there to keep you safe. They keep their eyes out for cheaters, dishonest online casino dealers, and other people who might be making the casino games unfair so that they can get the upper hand. They do this because they want to ensure fairness in our games so you can have a good time in a safe environment.


To conclude this article, based on the facts we stated above, you can see that those live online casino dealer casinos are much more than just dealing cards at a table. They are much more than just a card player. They can do many things

They have been trained rigorously in playing any games at any table before being hired by a casino. They want to ensure that you enjoy the games every time you sit on a table.

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