AccuWeather vs Weather.Com Which Channel Perform Best In 2024 ?

The battle between and AccuWeather is a never-ending saga. The two weather forecast companies provide vast features and services to users. It’s not easy for an average reader to compare them and make a decision. We will compare the forecast services for general users and corporate companies. Go through the comparison review till the end for a broader perceptive. vs. AccuWeather: Report Accuracy

Millions have tested the weather services for years. Nobody can argue that AW and Weather (dot) com display accurate reports. They have a 01°C difference during our comparison.

Weather Temperature:

As I have mentioned above, they provide approximate stats.

Air Quality:

AW reported 32 air index quality, while W (dot) com stands at 34 on the website.


There is a significant difference in the wind statistics. W (dot) com reported 11 km/h on the homepage, and AW sits at 22 km/h.

Hourly Forecast:

Fortunately, AccuWeather and Weather (dot) com come close in the hourly forecast.

I have installed the dedicated Android apps on the tablet and smartphone. You can check out the comparison below. vs. AccuWeather: Unique Function

Google uses the Weather (dot) com service to provide the forecast on the official website. Millions have used the IBM-owned company services without awareness. You don’t have to download the application or purchase a subscription to check the forecast. Google “What’s the weather forecast in London” in the search bar. AccuWeather loses the battle in this department. However, the Google stats is not enough for commercial purpose. vs. AccuWeather: Dedicated Apps

Millions have stopped relying on the computer and switched to Android/iOS apps. I have installed AW and Weather (dot) com app on the smartphone & tablet.


AW has a modern design and provides weather information on the application. You have the forecast on the main screen and the rest of the info below. Access the radar from the bottom menu.

Weather (dot) com:

Unfortunately, the dedicated app is not available in many countries. However, I have installed the APK from a third-party source for the sake of review. The developers should provide a working application for businesses and corporate. vs. AccuWeather: Air Quality Index

The air quality index alerts users about polluted regions. Millions have reduced lung capacity due to unhealthy lifestyles and less movement. Users can check the air index quality and make smarter decisions. I have checked the Android and web applications for accuracy. I’m impressed by the developers and the integration. vs. AccuWeather: Radar

AccuWeather has nailed the radar feature. Radar is also known as Doppler Weather Radar. The technology sends pulses of electromagnetic energy to monitor the changes in the weather. Check out the AW radar in the application. The heat map displays the movement of the clouds. Overall, the experience makes the process delightful. Meanwhile, Weather (dot) com has a bland radar experience, but it is what it is. vs. AccuWeather: Pollen Detection

Weather (dot) com went one step ahead and added pollen information in the supported region. Users can find out the pollen present in the area. You can find out about the trees, grass, and ragweed. Tourists can relieve themselves from allergies and fear. You don’t have to subscribe to the plan to access the information. The pollen info is available on the official website and the application. vs. AccuWeather: Hourly Reports

AccuWeather and Weather (dot) com have hourly reports. Users can keep an eye on the environment changes and make a move. Businesses can avoid problems while traveling during bad weather. Open the Android/iOS apps and check the hourly reports from the bottom menu. vs. AccuWeather: Server Status

Users can monitor the servers through a dedicated webpage. AW has added the “Track Status” on the contact us page. The server status page tells us about the present and past problems detected in the AW history. The company has hosted the services on Amazon Web Services. They have a reliable infrastructure in many countries. You don’t have to worry about the server downtime and issues. vs. AccuWeather: Customer Support

AccuWeather takes the win by providing a dedicated phone number, email form, documentation, server status page, etc. IBM-led Weather (dot) com doesn’t have a contact us page. You can send an email to the team, but I had to Google search the page. The company should add a dedicated webpage on the main domain.

Bottom Line

AccuWeather is a good choice for corporate and individuals. The company has hosted the services on AWS and has cloud infrastructure in thirty-one geographic locations. They charge less compared to Weather (dot) com for API services. Let us know what you think about the comparison in the comment section.

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