Fix Windows Media Player Doubled All My Songs? Windows 10 11

Seeing the same songs, again and again, is a frustrating sight when you are playing music in Windows Media Player. Although Windows Media Player is a well-organized media player, the problem of duplicate songs is a common issue. Users have discussed this issue on forums and many people are struggling to solve this problem. So today we will take a look at How to remove the “Windows Media Player Doubled All My Songs” issue.

Method 1: Delete the same music files from Windows Media Player

  1. The first move is to open up the Windows Media Player. Simply go to “Search” and type “Windows Media Player”. After that press “Enter”. If this software is already on your desktop then you can double-click on it to open it. However, if you cannot find Windows Media Player then you can go to the Program files folder and look there.
  2. After opening up the Media Player, you have to add music to your library. You can do that by going to Organize > Manage Libraries > Music. A new window prompt will open up and you have to click on “Add”.

  1. Now select the folder where all your songs are stored. If your songs are stored in multiple locations then select folders one by one. In simple words, repeat the process by clicking on “Add” again and selecting a different folder.
  2. Windows Media Player will update the library and all your songs will appear in the player after some time. The update process can be detected by seeing the “media changing” sign at the bottom of the player.

  1. All the folders will be saved in a dialogue box called “Look In”. Simply click on “Search”.
  2. The search process will automatically understand if there are duplicate songs in your library. As a result, duplicate songs will be removed.

Method 2: Use 4DDiG Duplicate File Detector

Using a third-party application can be convenient and has a seamless workflow for removing duplicate files. While Windows Media Player lets you solve this issue, you can try 4DDiG Duplicate File Detector to remove duplicate songs in an advanced way. Here are the steps to delete the same songs with 4DDiG.

  1. Open 4DDiG and click on the huge Plus sign on your display.
  2. Select the folder or any drive that you want to scan.
  3. Now 4DDiG provides you with a couple of scan options. One lets you scan duplicates and the other lets you scan images. So in our case, We will select “Scan Duplicates” because we are fixing the duplicate songs issue here.
  4. In quick succession, 4DDiG will show all the scanned files with their information. The detailed preview of all the files will help you get useful insights about everything.
  5. The list of duplicate files will pile up on your screen. Now you can either delete specific files or delete all in one click. Click on “Auto Select” > “Remove” and all your problems will be fixed.

Preventing from Media Player Doubled All My Songs

Windows Media Player has been in the game for a very long time. However, the software is clunking and has tools that make it a complicated mess. Every song on your computer is not from its original source. As a result, the details about those songs are unknown and your computer will also read it as unknown. So when you double-click on a song from a folder, the Windows Media Player creates a new file in the library. Hence, creating duplicate song issues for the music listeners. To be more technical, it occurs only when you turn On the option to add songs to the library when are played. In conclusion, playing songs from their PC folders creates duplicate songs. So all you have to do is go to Organize > Options > Player. After that, uncheck both the Add Local Media files and Add Remote Media files options.


So there you have it, you have the method which you can utilize to remove “doubled songs” problems. Whenever you see two songs with the same name, you can use the two methods we have mentioned above. Moreover, you also know how to prevent this problem by unticking some options in Windows Media Player. So you should not be facing this issue in the future

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