9 Ways to Remove Green Check Marks on Desktop Icons in Windows 11

OneDrive syncing in Windows 11 is well integrated and some people do not even know that they were syncing files all this time. Moreover, the backup of desktop files also creates green check marks that users find annoying. You will walk through this guide to understand how you can remove green check marks on Desktop icons in Windows 11.

Why you are seeing icons with green marks?

Green check marks on icons shows that they are stored in the cloud as a backup. In Windows 11, this is usually a case of running a OneDrive account in the background. Now there are people who are confused about why it shows the unconventional-looking icons on the desktop.

Another reason behind the mysterious green marks can be a result of online sharing. It means that your Windows 11 has shared some files with other users online which may be authorized by you. Marking your favorite files including icons for quick access is also an unlikely reason for seeing green marks but it is still a valid reason.

How To Remove green check marks on Desktop icons in Windows 11

Carefully follow each method and run it on your Windows 11 computer.

Do a Refresh

Refreshing the desktop is the most straightforward way to get rid of green checkmarks. Right-click on your wallpaper and hit “Refresh” from the drop down menu. This prompt action frequently works well to fix icon-related problems.

Stop One Drive Sync

The synchronizing of windows 11 and OneDrive is causing the green marks sign. So pause the sync by following this simple steps.

  • Go to the System tray where you will find OneDrive.
  • Head to the settings and then select “Pause Syncing”.

  • Choose the 24 hour option as it the maximum time.

SFC and DISM scan

Fixing system abnormalities that result in green check marks can be accomplished by running scans with System File Checker (SFC) and Deployment Image Service and Management Tool (DISM).

  • Hold down the Windows key and select “Command Prompt (Admin).
  • Run sfc /scannow and watch for the scan to finish.
  • Start the Cleanup-Image/Restorehealth/DISM.exe /Online command.
  • To see if the green checkmarks have disappeared, restart the computer.

Disable OneDrive Account

You can only pause the OneDrive sync for so long. Hence, the green check marks will eventually appear once the pause is off again. So disabling it is a viable option.

  1. Go to the tray of Windows 11 from the taskbar and visit the gear icon.
  2. Hit “Quit OneDrive” to disable all OneDrive services.

Clear Icon Cache

Windows 11 makes a space dedicated to store the database of desktop icon. These database are in the form of cache. Green checkmarks on desktop icons can stop showing up by clearing the icon cache.

  • In the Start menu search bar, type cmd.
  • The Command Prompt will come in your search and you have to open it as administrator.
  • To rebuild the icon cache, run the given commands.
  • When the commands are finished, restart the computer.

Stop the Desktop Backup

OneDrive is seamlessly working behind your windows PC. As a result, it backups desktop icons to make users the ability to access files on other devices. However, it shows the green check marks that you don’t like. So completely remove the OneDrive backup.

  • On the taskbar, go to the OneDrive’s settings. Do this by clicking on the engine gear like icon and selecting the “Settings”.
  • Go to Backup > Manage Backup and hit the Stop Backup.

Do not use the Keep On feature

Green checkmarks are removed when the “Always Keep on This Device” setting is disabled, but file access still requires an internet connection.

  • Press and hold the icon or folder that has a green checkmark on it.
  • To turn it off, select “Always Keep on this device”.

Free Up OneDrive space

OneDrive’s “Free up space” feature can be used to remove green checkmarks and extraneous data.

  • Press and hold the icon or folder that has a green checkmark on it.
    Choosing “Free up space” is what you do.

Change Registry

Green checkmarks may be added by some third-party antivirus programs; you can fix the problem by turning off or uninstalling the program.

  • Go to Registry by searching “regedit” in the command prompt.
  • Paste the path below:
  • Do a right click on “ShellIconOverlayIdentifiers” and then “Export”.

  • Under the overlay section, you have to delete the OneDrive keys.


The methods mentioned in this guide may bring other changes in your computer on top of solving the green marks issue. So thoroughly check the solutions before applying so that you do not find yourself in another mess.

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