Women Casino Workers and the Global Economy

Gambling has been around for centuries. The legalisation for gambling didn’t come into play until the 1900s, when the modern casinos began popping up. Gambling has largely been a male-dominated industry for a long time, with women relegated to supporting roles of entertainment. Women’s roles in the gambling industry have changed over time. 

Early on, the options for employment for women at casinos was limited to  prostitutes, waitresses and exotic dancers. In the last three to four decades, changes for the better have happened, allowing women to become floor staff, dealers, pit personnel and work their way up the operations ladder. Now, it’s not uncommon to have women in the higher operational positions of a casino.


Sultés Szilvia is an expert on the gambling industry. Today, she’s here to help us understand the new roles of women in the industry. We can find more information at kaszinó játékok.

Casino Positions

There are many positions that you can get at a casino, even as a woman. These positions include:

  • Floor Worker such as a custodian, bartender, slot attendant or security guard. These are usually minimum wage jobs.
  • Cashier (cage worker) is another minimum wage job. This job requires you to handle the money coming in and out of the casino. If you have previous cashier experience, your chance of getting this job is increased.
  • Pantry worker (don’t confuse this with the position of a chef) is where you help prepare the food. Depending on the casino, you may only need a high school diploma and some experience.
  • Valet Parking Attendant: This position requires you to have a valid driver’s licence, a high school diploma and experience with different vehicle types.
  • Casino Host/Hostess ensure that players have a great time at the casino. You will need to have experience as an event coordinator and in customer support.
  • The Executive Chef is in charge of all of the food for the casino’s restaurant and is in charge of running the restaurant efficiently. You will need a Bachelor’s degree and years of experience in the culinary field.
  • Dealers are more than likely to be women. You will need formal training. Some casinos will help with the training fee, but if you are already trained as a dealer, you have a higher chance of getting the job.
  • VIP Manager: This is a vital job in every casino. The primary responsibility of this position is to take care of the loyal player, known as the high rollers. Online casinos also need VIP managers because of the bonuses offered to both new and loyal customers.

Some of these jobs are entry-level positions, and others are high-end jobs. As you might expect, the job will depend on your education and level of experience. This will also affect how much you will get paid. Keep in mind that, like most companies, casinos will periodically give you raises and like to promote from within before hiring someone new.

Casino Workers Union

Casino workers can join a union if there is one available where they work. You know that a union stands up for the workers, so they aren’t treated poorly. Unions can help you get higher wages, medical benefits and a guaranteed 40-hour workweek.

Sometimes though, casino workers strike to get better treatment from management. This depends on how things work at the casino that hired you and how management treats you and your co-workers.

Casino Workers Salaries

There is a range for salaries depending on the job. Entry-level jobs pay the lowest average of around $26,000 a year. In the middle pay range, such as security director, you can make about $85,000 a year. With a job like a casino property general manager at the top end of the salary range, you can make around $200,000 a year.


The job you do will dictate the salary you make. As you gain experience, you can move up in the casino chain of command and make more money. While you are getting that experience, your employer should be giving you regular reviews that, depending on how you do, can mean a pay raise.


Jobs for women in the gambling industry have come a long way. Women are no longer just window dressing to entice men into gambling. Women work alongside men now, though true equality is still something that needs to be fought for.

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