Best Free WordPress Maintenance Mode Plugin Collection

It’s the era of e-commerce, each and every business is available on the internet which allows you to generate a huge cache of customers that interact with you only on the internet. But it is very much required to maintain your online store as well so that your website is not called to be an obsolete website. As maintenance takes lots of your precious time it is wise to provide an interface that will keep your old customers and even new customers still linked to you for future profit purposes. WordPress, the most popular CMS provides you with a humongous pool of maintenance plugins that will help you retain your old customers and gain new customers as well. Here is a list of best free packages that is provided for WordPress.

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WP Maintenance Mode

modeThe first is the best plugin which is the simplest to use, and the most easiest to remember. It provide you with a fully customizable landing page that allows you to customize through a visual builder you may change background color text color etc. of the page. It allows you to provide social icons, newsletter subscription, a contact form and a countdown timer so that you may provide information when the website will be available online again for your prestigious customers.

Developer : Designmodo

Note : Even though its best freebie, it is compatible only up to: 4.0.0, there is no pro version.

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Maintenance Mode by SeedPod

starting soonThe second option that is available is the one from SeedPod. Now the key feature of this landing page is that it is a fully responsive web page that is made in HTML5 and CSS3. The distinct feature of this plugin is that you can use this with a Buddypress site a multisite setup. The plugin comes in two packs one the free version and the other is the pro version which contains far more features than the free version obviously.

Now this one is rated 5 out of 5 as per the users and is frequently updated in order to ensure that you don’t break the website. There is also a Pro version with more extended features.

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Ultimate Maintenance Mode

hold on for some timeThe third one in the list is also made by SeedProd. This one allows you to display a static page containing an automatic image clicked of your current homepage to display the non-logged in users a sneak peak at your website, though you may customize the background according to your requirement. Also, you can provide a message that will be displayed on the screen.

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Simple Maintenance

gear iconFourth in the list is Simple Maintenance. As the name suggest it is amongst the most simple one as according to its name, when ever activated to produces a maintenance page that is shown on the screen of the people who visit your website during maintenance, which is fully responsive therefore will be able to be displayed on any screen resolution.

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Site Offline or Coming Soon

coming soonThe fifth plugin available is the Site Offline or Coming Soon plugin. As the name suggest the plugin provides you with a maintenance as well as a coming soon webpage. The plugin contains all the features including a email subscription form, social links, and lastly the customization of the appearance of the page that is shown on the website.

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EZP Coming Soon Page

EZP soonSixth is the easy pie Coming Soon Page, as the other plugins this plugin as well provides you with a fully customizable landing page on which social links, email subscription and a timer for the countdown of the new website can be displayed. The other variant is the easy pie maintenance mode that allows you to generate a maintenance page and to select from an huge pool of themes that will allow you to customize your page. Each part of the theme that you introduce is customizable and even your own CSS may be introduced on the page so that the choice of page that you want to display is easily available.

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minimalistThe seventh one is the Minimal coming soon & Maintenance Mode plugin. As the name suggest it is a plugin that provides you with the minimal required feature that you require to build a maintenance page, like the logo the message of the page.

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Maintenance Mode

put on holdThe eight plugin available is the Maintenance Mode plugin that allows you to generate a page with four different pre build themes, hence there is no need to scratch your head to look for complicated setting. There are many elements that you may introduce to customize the page.

It also displays a 503 Service Unavailable status helping you to not have any loss in your ranking on the search engines.

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Ultimate Coming Soon

ultimateThe second last plugin on the list is the Ultimate Coming Soon Page plugin. It is the most customizable plugin hence the name Ultimate Coming soon page. Everything is customizable on this plugin the color, the header font styling etc.

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