Free Online Slots: How to Play Guide with Tips and Strategies 2024

The attraction and allure of the place draw people from far and wide and from all walks of life. Seldomly known to people, the formation of the circus in the 6th century B.C. is what led to people coming together, playing craps and wagering money on its outcome. The word casino originates from the Italian word meaning ‘a small house’. Quite literally, it was a private residence where people would come together to gamble!


The arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic ushered in an unprecedented situation – quarantines, self-isolation and nationwide lockdowns. With all of these restrictions placed for the safety of the mass, what can one do when it comes to their gambling itch? Easy, use technology! Nearly everyone has either a smartphone or a PC or maybe both. Likewise, with the continuous progress of communicative technology, the internet is accessible in a good number of places. Online casino platforms grant the user access to curb their gambling itch without the need of leaving the comfort of their home and its safety.

How to Play Guide

Among the plethora of casino games one can choose to play, there is the slot machine. Slot machines come in various forms. These are largely based on factors such as themes, location, specific characters from pop culture, etc. The symbol used in the machine is based on the chosen theme. If you’re new to online slots and worried about where to start, look no further. Here is a how-to-play guide to help you dip your toes into the world of online slots.


Step 1 – Learn the Terminology

A wise first step would be to learn the basic terminology. All slots contain symbols that are arranged on spinning wheels called reels. When playing, the reels spin and come to a stop. It is here that you’re left with a combination of symbols on what is known as the payline(s) (the lines through which the payout(s) are awarded).

Step 2 – Read Up on Slots

Slots can vary quite differently from one another. There may be a particular slot that you might want to play. Make sure to take note of its symbols, reels, paylines, jackpots (the maximum payout), bonus rounds (mini-games within the game), RTP (return to player percentage), and minimum and maximum betting stakes (lowest and highest amounts of money that can be wagered per spin).

Step 3 – Try the Demo

It’s not a bad idea to try the demo game of a particular slot that interests you. Free online slots will help you to get familiar with that particular slot.

Step 4 – Set Boundaries for Yourself

Setting up boundaries for winning and losing is a good habit to cultivate. This helps more so when it comes to playing with real money. You need to know when you’ve won or lost enough and when it’s time to walk away.

Tips and Strategies

Here are some tips and strategies that you can use when playing online slots.

  • Find slots that have more frequent payouts. If you’re on the lookout for winning a progressive jackpot, the best step forward is to choose a game with a comparatively small jackpot. These are usually slots that payout more often.
  • Keep an eye on your money. Know how much you can spend. Don’t spend more than you can afford to lose.
  • Understand paylines. Take the time to understand each game and its payline before you start. This helps in understanding your chances of winning.
  • Maximise the use of bonus rounds! These are vital in helping you win jackpots. Make an effort to understand how to play them.
  • Choose reputable casino platforms to play on. You don’t want to lose your money to shady casino platforms!
  • Play simpler slot games. Sticking to simple traditional games might help your chances of winning without the need to understand complex rules. Keep it simple.
  • Slow down. While online slots are generally fast-paced games, it would be wise to slow down, take a breather and pace yourself. You’re less likely to make mistakes and make wrong decisions when you take a step back.

Differences Between Land-based Slots and Online Slots

Let us look at the differences between land-based slots and online slots. This could be the deciding factor between you choosing one over the other (when things get back to normal)!

  • Land-based slots are physical machines that require physical interaction between the player and the machine. Online slots are virtual. There is not much physical from the player’s end other than tapping a screen or clicking the mouse button.
  • Land-based slots are generally found at casinos, pubs, hotels or restaurants. The location itself creates an ambience that invokes hype and buzz. This does not exist when it comes to online slots. Despite the integration of music and screen animations, it lacks the feel that a physical location provides.
  • While online slots might lack the ambience and atmosphere land-based slots provide, it makes up for that in the form of You don’t have to travel, you don’t have to adhere to a dress code, and you can play whenever you want to.
  • When it comes to varieties of machines, land-based slots are often limited to their location. Online slots, however, give you access to a near-infinite variety of slots.
  • Another benefit of playing slots online is that you can play them for free as well. They enable players to play slots cashless and even learn the rules of the game without running the risk of losing actual money.

Land-based slots and online slots have their pros and cons, and you be the one to decide which suits you best!


While access to physical slot machines is restricted, online slots have opened a path for people all around the world to continue playing without having them leave the comfort and safety of their homes. However, while it is a convenience, one should remember to stay within their monetary limit while playing to enjoy their experience. Try the demos for the slot you want to play and learn the rules. Take a step back when needed. However, more importantly, enjoy!

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