Why Your Franchise or Multi-location Business Needs Marketing Automation

Marketing automation software organizes and manages a marketing campaign. As websites, blog entries, your emails, social media etc. It makes your job easier and saves you time, leading to innovative and strategic results.

Marketing automation gives business people the ability to create cross-channel journeys that consistently convey the right message to the right audience at the right time. This increases their trust in the brand. This simple strategy is ideal for those who want to automate their marketing campaigns and maximize multi-location marketing.

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Marketing automation strategy has the power to increase sales by 14.6%. It will reduce your marketing overhead by 12.5%. Marketing automation is often thought of as just automating email. It goes far beyond that. Below are some of the many benefits it offers franchises and multi-location business owners.

Significance of Marketing Automation

Marketing automation has many benefits and can enhance your product. Small businesses need it to remain competitive and relevant. It is also a great way for large companies to keep in touch with their customers.

  • Time saved

Planning campaigns ahead of time can help you save time. This allows you to channel your time into different projects. This can be done easily with multiple platforms. Marketing automation offers you an additional advantage. It is possible to schedule different operations for different users.

  • Enhances productivity

Marketing automation will allow your marketing team to have more time. This frees them from repetitive tasks and allows them to develop new ideas and increase their productivity in other areas.

  • Management of multinational campaigns

Marketing automation allows you to track every campaign through any marketing channel via a single platform.

  • Personalization

Customers will also appreciate a personalized experience.

  • Increased ROI

Marketing automation can help you make your marketing more efficient and reach your customers.

Scale Up With Local Marketing Automation Software

Scale is the key to local marketing automation. Multi-location brand managers’ success is dependent on the ability to scale marketing support across multiple locations, including dealerships and retail stores. LMA helps headquarters teams to scale their marketing resources, internal resources, operating budgets, and other assets to support smart, cost-effective growth. Here’s how it works:

  • Scaling Marketing Technology

How much is it worth not using one tool for local marketing that allows you to execute your local marketing plan? Many brands find that using a variety of marketing tools or allowing local marketers the freedom to choose their marketing software can lead to inconsistent local marketing execution, and poor brand consistency.

54% of marketers say that redundant tools are their biggest challenge. Local affiliates might struggle to find the time and resources necessary for marketing, while also trying to balance competing priorities. Local marketing can be less effective without central technology and tools. Affiliates often struggle to create professional-looking materials.

It makes it simple for locals and their families to log in to the tool, locate the materials, and then execute the marketing.

  • Scaling internal resources

Software that allows multi-location brands to reduce the number of revision requests from locals and allow head office designers to focus on new concepts to move the brand forward. Designers can create templates that allow them to design a standard layout which can be modified with local content. Brand managers can lock and unlock templates fields to ensure local affiliates release compliant digital and print advertising.

  • Scaling Marketing Budgets

LMA software can help brands increase their marketing budgets by increasing efficiency in the headquarters team as well as local affiliates. Return on investment (ROI), as seen by the CEO, is an important metric to measure marketing’s effectiveness. Multi Location Marketing can make more sales by using technology to increase their operating efficiency.

  • Scaling Local Affiliate Networks

Brand managers can better leverage marketing resources and support across different locations to help them take a strategic view that can propel them forward. Brands can support expansion by having an LMA tool that allows them to offer better support to local affiliates and has fewer one-off requests.

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