Betting Tips: The Bookmakers’ Favorite of Winning Super Bowl 2024

Looking for a good bet. Take a look at who the bookmakers expect to win this season’s Super Bowl.

The NFL season has started, and it’s time to start guessing on who’s going to lift the Vince Lombardi Trophy at the SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California for the Super Bowl LVI on the 13th of February. The bookmakers have made their predictions for the close race for the Super Bowl.

We have compared different bookmakers’ odds on the Super Bowl winner. Here are the top 8 contenders for the Super Bowl with their average money line odds in parenthesis. Read more about the Super Bowl Final LVI here:

1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (533)

The 2021 winners of the Super Bowl have started strongly and proved to be stronger than the bookmakers predicted in the pre-season. In this tight race, anything can happen, but the bookmakers put their strongest bet on seeing Tom Brady entering the field of the final.

2. Buffalo Bills (650)

The Bills are the new strongmen of the AFC East division. The start of the season has been so strong, that the odds of a Super Bowl win for the Buffalo Bills has lowered from 1000 to 650.

3. Kansas City Chiefs (700)

The bookmakers’ pre-season favorites haven’t been as strong as expected in this season. The Achilles heel has been the weak offensive line, which already disappointed the fans last season. But the training hasn’t brought them to play like 5-year-old kids. They are still one of the top 3 favorites according to the bookmakers.

4. Los Angeles Rams (846)

The new LA Ram quarterback Jared Goff has brought in new hope for the Inglewood team to make it for the Super Bowl final at the home ground, SoFi Stadium. It will be the first Super Bowl win in 23 years for the Los Angeles Rams, and as the season has started, the bookmakers have become more optimistic about the chances of a Ram-win.

5. Baltimore Ravens (926)

When the season started, it didn’t look very bright for the Ravens to win the Super Bowl when the right-back J.K. Dobbins suffered an injury that would leave him out of the pitch for the rest of the season. But Baltimore Ravens have performed better than expected, and the new right-back, Gus Edwards and Tyson Williams have shown they are proper substitutions for Dobbins. This has made the bookmakers more optimistic about Ravens’ chances.

6. Arizona Cardinals (995)

The Cardinals were not even considered to make it for the playoffs when the season started. Now they have moved from high odds at 4000, to 995. This is a massive improvement, thanks to the great start of the Cardinals’ season, and the bookmakers expect the Arizona Cardinals to perform way better than last season.

If you have a good idea of who you think is going to win the Super Bowl, you could consider making a bet on the winner. To find out more about how to do sports betting, how the bookmakers set their odds, and how you should read the odds, you can visit Bet Florida to get a full overview of sports betting. You can find detailed descriptions of betting on the NFL. Visit the website here:


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