Why Most PPM Tools Don’t Work for Enterprise Digital Transformation and What You Need Instead

Project and portfolio management (PPM) is critical for companies that want to ensure their projects are 100% aligned with their enterprise digital transformation goals and that they’re directing their resources to the projects that deliver the most value to the business. This is why companies in the midst of a digital transformation initiative are looking for PPM software, seeking out PPO consulting services, and even hiring a project management office (PMO). Unfortunately, most PPM tools don’t work for enterprise digital transformation so efforts to adopt these tools often fail. Here’s why.

The PPM Tools Don’t Address All Their Needs

Companies need software that specifically solves problems that are unique to them. Most PPM tools don’t offer feature sets that allow organizations to use just one tool. What eventually happens is that employees gravitate toward the software that makes their job easiest. If the PPM tool doesn’t make their job easier or provide tangible results, employees simply won’t use it. Digital transformation is already challenging enough without having a single tool that addresses all their needs. If a company’s PPM software isn’t all-in-one, it’s already behind the eight ball for success.

The PPM Tools Can’t Scale With the Company

Most PPM software is geared toward teams of specific sizes. If the team grows larger, the PPM tool may no longer work for their needs. They might not be able to collaborate effectively with the software or it’s not able to manage as many tasks as the newer, larger team needs. Therefore, they may be faced with changing PPM software or not using it at all, neither of which is effective for digital transformation. The resources required to evaluate, buy, and learn a new tool may be enough to derail an enterprise’s transformation altogether. As such, it’s critical to find a PPM tool that can scale alongside your company.

The PPM Tools Are Not User Friendly

As previously mentioned, PPM software can only work well if it’s actually used by employees to effect digital transformation. If the tool is not user friendly, it won’t get used properly or at all, even if the company mandates it. When some people are on board with digital transformation and using PPM software, but others aren’t, then some projects may be managed while others are left to run wild. This can wreak havoc with a company’s resources, delivery timeline, and progress toward organizational goals. You simply have to have everyone on board with the PPM software to make it work. So, choosing a PPM tool that is user friendly is vital for your digital transformation success.


The market is flooded with PPM tools that claim to solve your company’s digital transformation challenges. They promise to get everyone on the same page and working toward common goals. They might even guarantee faster project delivery and more efficient use of resources. But unless they meet all your needs, can scale as you scale, and are easy for everyone to use, your enterprise transformation will likely fail, just like 70% of all enterprise transformations. Don’t let that happen. Choose the right PPM software the first time around and you’ll be on the path toward success.

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