Technologies Used by Casinos That You Probably Didn’t Know About

The casino industry is always trying to find ways to stay relevant, and mostly, what businesses in this industry have to do is to adopt the latest technologies. The gambling industry has seen a lot of changes and evolution since it started and it continues to do so as the needs of the gambling market also change.

It was in the 1990s when casinos set foot on the internet. It was during this time when the internet is becoming more available to the public and businesses are quick to see how it could benefit them. Since casinos went online, things changed forever in the gambling industry and in how people would gamble.

Nowadays, many would prefer going online if they want to play a rummy cash game online or any other casino games that they have in mind. The same goes for betting on sport because going online is fast, easy, and generally convenient. With that, we can be quick to assume that the only technology that casinos use to stay latest is the internet. This isn’t the case, however. These are some of the technologies used by both land-based and online casinos that many are probably unaware of.

Security Measures

Both land and online casinos have advanced security measures to ensure the safety of their players or customers. For online casinos, transactions must be made securely. There are now many payment solutions that different online casinos use to cater to the needs of their players. Indirect bank account transactions are now possible through the use of cryptocurrencies and digital wallets.

Data encryption is also what online casinos use to make sure that the information and transaction between them and their customers and direct and can’t be easily accessed by anybody else. When it comes to this, the Secure Sockets Layer or SSL is what’s popularly used. It protects confidential details from being stolen by third parties and if casinos have this, they will have an SSL certificate.

Now, land casinos are also advanced when it comes to security measures. Casino tables are always surrounded by cameras so that any fishy transactions can be monitored by security. They also use software that reports the statistics of losses, gains, and other events that happen within a table in full detail so that any suspicious activity can be easily detected.

Artificial Intelligence

AI tech is now greatly used by different industries and it is something that’s commonly associated with gaming. However, even the iGaming industry is also benefiting so much from this technology. There are online casinos that use this to improve their customer service by collecting data to be familiar with the preferences of their customers. This makes them capable of giving out customer-related solutions compared to chatbots that can be very out of touch with what customers need.

There are also online casinos that use AI to help fight gambling addiction. AI tech gets to analyze the data collected by different players and determine whether a player’s behavior could end up causing them problems. When the AI detects such behavior, they will be sending a notification to the operator and they would then reach out to this player and check on them.

AI is also even used to enhance the security of a casino. It gathers data from all players so that it would be able to spot unusual or suspicious activities. This is something more thorough compared to just monitoring what the players are doing.

Random Number Generator

Until today, there are still people who are skeptical about going to both land and online casinos. They still most likely believe that casino games are rigged and can be easily manipulated. While this could be true for unregistered and illegal online casinos, it is generally safe to play at any casino nowadays because fairness is always ensured not only by the operators themselves but also by third parties like eCOGRA.

eCOGRA is a London-based internationally approved testing agency and player protection and standards group. This company would do fairness inspections on online casinos now and then. If an online casino passes, they get to carry a certificate from eCOGRA which serves as a badge of safety to many players.

However, generally, online casino games like slot machines use a random number generator or RNG to ensure that the results you get from the games you play are random and cannot be predicted. This technology makes winning and losing streaks impossible. Thanks to this, no one will ever really know whether they will get to hit the jackpot the next time they spin the reel.

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