Best Peer To Peer Identity Verification And The Platform that Protects Your Privacy| Dentity Review

Over 15 million consumers have been a victim of identity theft last year with over 3.5 billion exposed identity records online. Last year, consumers lost around $56 billion due to identity theft. According to a survey, 33% of the US adults have experienced an identity theft. So, online privacy and control of digital identity is of critical importance.

Having a solution like Dentity in place can help consumers stop some of the most common identity thefts. Dentity has put advanced verification tools in the hands of the consumers safeguarding their identity.

What is Dentity?

Dentity is one of its kinds allowing people to verify their identity, create and share public identity profile page, and request the identity verification from people they deal with online or any other instance which require trust. It helps you to be safe on the internet and prevent a number of bad things that may happen on the internet as a result of being anonymous.

Dentity was founded by the team of tech innovators who is on a mission to make the internet a safer place. They think it can be done by enabling trusted interaction between the consumers and the people they transact with online with a shareable, verifiable identity information.

It id protected by state-of-the-art encryption technology which offers a new layer of security, privacy, and verification for countless online transactions and interactions. The consumers’ information is protected by AES-256 encryption (the same standard used by National Security Administration to protect top secret information).

Consumers can no longer trust the big social media and tech companies to protect their private and personal information, they have to take matters in their own hands. With Dentity, they get a tool to protect their personal information from getting compromised.

Dentity has been built using Zero knowledge protocol which means that you are in total control of your personal information. With Dentity you can:

  • Verify where you put up without sharing the street address.
  • Verify your age without sharing your DOB (date of birth).
  • Verify your identity without sharing your name.
  • Login to different websites without disclosing your personal information.

Brief Insights about Dentity

Dentity uses patent-pending machine learning technology and proprietary algorithms to examine the document authenticity while evaluating the elements unique to each ID type. It visual criteria evaluation examines around 100 criteria per ID type including evaluation of design elements (like holograms and seals), font style, color matching, type, and size, and data placement with spacing. It examines every identity using its four-step process:

  • It also examines 20 fraud scenarios (like Photoshop artifacts and font injection).
  • Its liveliness detection feature requires motion and perspective to establish if the user is real or not.
  • The motion examination feature measures that the specific movements are performed correctly to confirm that the user is in control of the account.
  • As the final step, the facial matching feature matches the face of the user with the photo on the ID.

As Dentity uses machine vision and AI techniques to power the visual ID verification for each identity claim, it becomes nearly impossible for the consumers to be catfished on a dating application or scammed on the peer-to-peer marketplace like Craigslist. With Dentity, it becomes easier to find whether the person on other end of the computer is a real deal or a scammer, predator, or a bot. So, Dentity has been built for the sharing economy to help the consumers create trusted interactions and transactions online.

How Dentity Works?

  • You need to create an account at or get a request from a current Dentity user.
  • You need to verify your identity using a government issued ID (for example: passport, driver’s license, or identity card).
  • You can customize your verified identity profile and share with others.
  • When the trust matters, you can request others to get verified.

It’s easy and simple and solves a number of problems when you are online.

The Bottom Line

Dentity is your digital identity card that protects you from identity thefts. It uses machine learning and AI algorithms to ensure that every identity is verified to prevent frauds, scams, and identity theft online. Your Dentity profile can be shared on platforms like Tinder, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and many others. Try it today!

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