How to Access Compass Mobile Dollar Tree Portal Access? In 2024

Dollar Tree, a popular retail store chain has a Compass Mobile Portal for Employees and customers. It requires the creation of an account in order to utilize the benefits of the app. In this guide, understand how to access the Compass Mobile Dollar Tree Portal.

What is Dollar Tree?

Dollar Tree is a popular variety store in the US and Canada. There are over 15000 stores of Dollar Tree. The multi-price-point bargain store chain is also suitable to access the service of 24 logistics distribution companies.

Customers come to these stores for the “thrill of the hunt” which is also a phrase Dollar Tree is known for. People purchase products anywhere from home utensils, to food and beauty products. Everything is priced at a competitive rate that attracts many people around the store.

Each chain of Dollar Tree operates at a high level with many employees ensuring you get the right products. Moreover, the refunds or any other after-sale service issues can be discussed there.

Dollar Tree Compass Mobile App

The Compass Mobile app comes with many things you can do that give you an enhanced shopping experience. It is downloadable for iOS and Android users on their respective app markets. Creating an account and logging in with that account is essential to reap the benefits of the Dollar Tree Compass Mobile App.

Customers can use the app to locate the nearest Dollar Tree store or information about new stores around their residence. You may already know where the Dollar Tree store is in your locality but the store locating feature is helpful especially when you are travelling.

For each store that you find, you can also search for products available in that store. The vast product catalog inside the app lets its customers know if the product is available. Users can filter the list of products to specify what they want.

All your order history and order tracking are also present in the app. You can track your products and know when they will reach you in real-time. It is very convenient to know the whereabouts of your online orders through the Dollar Tree app.

Every now and then you will also get coupons in the app. You can use these coupons in in-store or online purchases to get exciting discounts on all or specific types of products.

Compass Mobile Dollar Tree

Compass Mobile is a platform where employees of Dollar Tree can track their work schedules and pay stubs. This site is available on Dollar Tree’s web page and employees can access this portal to know various information about their job. Most importantly, they can access Compass mobile online which benefits them with convenience.

Many new employees get confused with how Compass Mobile works. They may not know how to access Compass Mobile to Dollar Tree Portal. Here are the complete steps on how to access the employee portal of Dollar Tree.

  • Using any device, mobile or computer, visit the site
  • Wait for the website to load and head over to the Create Account section of Compass Mobile.
  • Provide your information including new passwords and username, then create your account.
  • Go to the login portal and log in to your Dollar Tree account.

After employees have successfully created their accounts, they can go to their login tab to access their profile. If you are newly employed, then you have to keep tabs on your login information so that you can access the portal whenever. The portal allows workers to adjust their schedules and view their pay stubs.

Pay Stubs of Dollar Tree is accessible through the Doculivery system. Employees can utilize Pay Stub to know their earnings and deductions as taxes. Pay Stub is a form of paper that shows all information on your financial statement with respect to your work in Dollar Tree. Employees can manually print their Pay Stub from (Employees will need their Securit Number as well as ID number).


The wide known variety store offers low rate products of all kind. With that, comes the Compass Mobile app that lets employees and customers form a stronger bond. Simply logging into your account will help employees access their work schedule and alter activities based on what their supervisor says. Moreover, Paystub of Dollar Tree is another convenient platform where employees can track their earnings.

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