What Apps Can Be Used Against You In An Investigation?

As unlikely as it is for a regular person to find themselves investigated by the police, there are still other investigation types that a person could be subjected to. Many people hire private investigators for a variety of reasons, such as finding their long-lost first love, finding who kidnapped their dog, etc. Still, when you think of a private investigator, you probably think of a Sherlock Holmes imposter with an android phone instead of his famous pipe. That image is far from the truth, though! In the same way that police investigations have evolved tremendously, a private investigator can use many unexpected apps to track your location and garner all your private information in this technological age. What apps can he use to do so? Here is a list.


We use Facebook without thinking about how well it can help people stalk us; however, the truth is Facebook is where most online investigations start. Many people tag locations in their Facebook photos, add dates or even add quotes to particular people. Imagine the amount of private information a person can get from just one image on your page! Still, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Facebook allows you to add life events, add your family members to a different list, and add your current job if you need to. Now that’s even more information than job portals even require from you. Surprised?! Maybe you should rethink how you use that app then!


Just like Facebook, Instagram saves moments and allows you to even share stories from wherever you are. Experts have said that all social media platforms help in investigations a lot, and the people at Cutty Private Investigators confirm that the best way to track anyone is social media. An investigator who follows your Instagram where you post regularly can find important patterns in your life like your hobbies, your favorite coffee shop, where you travel, and even where you work if you share office pics a lot.

Google Maps and Google Image Search

While it is very well-known that google maps can be used in police investigations to prove you traveled to a certain place at a particular time. Private investigators can also use this app to track where you have been, especially if you tend to leave google reviews like many of us do. Additionally, using your pictures to search online can help a private investigator identify a place in a pic you shared or a tool you have shared you used and where to buy it.


Surprisingly, Notes is one way to find out what you usually think about. Usually, the app can be synced with your online drive, email, tablet, and even people you wish to share it with. It appears to be a safe space to write your thoughts, but it is very accessible, especially if you gave your online drive password to a friend in the past and forgot about it.


Youtube is a video platform, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t say anything about you. Even with just your Gmail account on Youtube, your activity says a lot about you online. If you have a youtube profile with a public subscription list, tracking your online comments is very easy, and your comments say a lot about your hobbies, manners, what you dislike, and what you like.

Google Drive

Another unexpected addition to the list. Isn’t Google Drive safe to use? It is, after all, as secure as your email, right? While that is true, your drive is still viewable if you don’t control its sharing status. Too many people feel like they don’t need to focus on who has access to their drive, especially when they only save pics and fun stuff. This means if you gave access to your drive to more than 3 people, your google drive could be compromised and used against you in an investigation.

Other apps that can be used against you include Uber, food delivery apps, tracking apps, and even your daily running app. Still, many of these apps are not easily accessible unless you leave them open, and if you are a cautious person, chances are you will prove to be a challenge for any investigator. Furthermore, unlike what you see in movies, investigators don’t have the right to impersonate someone or even request information from someone who is unwilling to share. Finally, investigators are legal in many parts of the USA; however, they have a lot of limitations in their work. Therefore, if you intend to hire one, don’t expect them to conduct a full-fledged police investigation since that is not practical!

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