U.S. Tuition Calculator Android App For US Students

US dollarsMobile applications bring you a wide range of options and desired information into your hands.US tuition calculator is one of the new financial based comers into the Android world. It is known from its home page that the app is developed by the senior team of financial experts and to serve about the student loan and financial details and all. OK have a look at the app and it might be useful for us in some of our financial matters.

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What Is U.S Tuition calculator?

It’s a well-developed financial based Android application for the U.S students to get the student loans. It instantly gives you the info about the monthly payments and mostly the tuition details. Moreover, it allows to you to search the list of tuition’s (Updated data is taken from the U.S educational institutions). It also informs you about the salary details of and recent various occupations. Finally, this simple calculator is designed to get the loyal solutions for the about the loan interests. You can calculate the monthly payments in no time accurately.

Features of U.S Tuition Calculator:

• The best is its interface; we just love it. It can be easily understood in the first view itself.
• One of the simple one to calculate the monthly interests automatically and the result is displayed in necessary blocks respectively.
• The app is officially connected to the various scholarship services provided by the ezDinero which helps you in getting professional financial help.
• You can apply for the ezDinero Aspire $1000 instantly during your first visit.
• The application is completely free and is free from annoying ads. It is directed to its official website from the app itself.

Setup :

• As usual download the application from the official Google play store.
• The homepage provides you four columns such as

Inputs- we needs to give the inputs to calculate the student loan

load calcSalaries- It provides you a table of salaries, and you need to select the range of the salary. Just click on the range you need and you will be directed to the pages where the complete information of the jobs of that salary packages are served. Have a look at the below images.

salariesTuition – It gives you the complete list of available tuition’s.It is similar to the above one. You need to pick up the first name, and the list is displayed accordingly. The list is updated from the official U.S board of education.

tutionmortage calculatorSchools -You will be provided an order here to select a school. Just select a word and the list is displayed in no time.

schoolsConclusion: It’s hard thing to get the complete list of tuition’s and the schools of a country. But the above simple Android application makes it damn easy and the better part you can use to complete simple interest problems accurately in no time. By the way, you can be directed to the scholarship page directly from the app. Hope it’s completely worth to install it.

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