The Cleaner Android App Help Your Mobile To Run Faster By Cleaning Junk | Review

Today’s lifestyle has a consistent part that is linked to each person in this world of technology and pace, the part that I am talking about is known as a smart phone. A smart phone is a device that allows you to communicate with your near and dear ones in more than one way through Whatsapp, Hike, Skype, etc. other than this there is the basic point of messaging and making calls. Except for the communication task completed a smart phone servers as a miniature computer system and works as one as well, which is covers all the categories like entertainment, business etc.

Now with the installation of multiple applications that allows you to accomplish these many tasks there are many files that collect on a device that is not required on one’s mobile system for a long time period. It should also be understood that the files that I am referring to at the moment are the temporary cache files, which contain the temporary data that allows the refining of the searching and faster loading of the application as and according to the configuration of the user. The temporary files also include the information that is being searched by the users working on the application.

Now to clear the excessive files on the system there are many apps being developed by different companies. One among them is known as Liquidium the company is known for developing and designing application that is graphically more enhanced and are developed for proper dealing of the user with the application. The Google Play Store have presented an award for the same to the company so it can be determined that the application developed by the company is up to the mark, and as it is available for free in the market there is no issue of trying out the application.

The application that I am referring to in this article is ‘The Cleaner’. The cleaner as discussed in this article is to be utilized to delete files that are not required by the application installed on the system to run properly. The application also keep track of the apps that have been installed on the system and divide the applications according to different categories namely install date, alphabetical order, storage usage, call permission, SMS permission, contact permission, location permission, and lastly the camera permission. Each of the categories above defines different permissions that were asked by the application during installation. Another task that this application performs is keeping check of the working memory being utilized by the application installed on the system and that are currently running on the background of the system. These application that work in the background make the smart phone slower as compared to the regular usage.

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The Cleaner Android app review

device phone

Checking your device apps storage




Analyzing memory to free up spaces

better scanning

Analyzing the disc space

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Other info

  • APK size : 6.5MB
  • APK version : 1.7.2
  • Requires : Ice sandwich or above
  • Developer : Liquidum Limited


Now to cover up all what is said in the above article it can be concluded that a smart phone that has applications installed on it, requires a cleaner that allows you to control the atmosphere of your phone and maintain the smart phone that you currently have.

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