Upvato A Free Unlimited Cloud To Backup Your Envato Premium Files | Review

UPDATE : Service is back online but all the previous backups and accounts removed ! Reliability of this service is now a question here.

There are many Cloud services available in the market right now ranging from free to premium ones like Google Drive, Dropbox, Box etc. But most of them deals with saving our pics, videos, documents etc. Yes you can use this service to store your premium purchases from Themeforest, CodeCanyon etc. It seems that we need a little time to backup the file like you have to first download the package and then keep the zipped item in the sync folder or you have to manually upload the package to the specified cloud folder.

Now there is new free Cloud storage in the town named as Upvato. Did we say free? Yes you can upload any number of files without any limitations.

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Upvato WordPress theme back up cloud review

cloudLike any other services you have first sign up for the service with your email address.

Note : Email address verification is not required.

Just connect with Envato by entering your username and password from the top right side of the page and allow Upvato permission to access your file and wait for few seconds. Upvato will fetch the files you have purchased till now to their storage.


Connect with your username and password

The best thing about this service is that it will automatically fetch the new updates (currently this is not available but we can expect this in future) when they are rolled out and you don’t have to follow up with the manual download and upload like you have done with other online services

client dashboard

One of our dashboard with uploader

file grabber

Automated file fetching

You can even download the package, version wise and this is really helpful if the latest WordPress theme build is causing problems with plugins or cause other types of mess

Sometimes because of copyright or because of other issues the item you have purchased may be removed by Envato and in this scenario also Upvato may save your back

Other info

Where your files are stored?

  • All the files are backed up on Amazon glaciers.

Are there any limits on size or number of files that can be stored?

  • For now you can use it to store unlimited files no matter what the size is.

Does they encrypt your files?

  • Currently we don’t see this feature.

Can you backup monthly free items ?

  • You can upload the free items released on Themeforest and all the other Envato Marketplaces using the manual upload tab. By downloading the free item and then uploading it manually to Upvato then you’ve stored the free file forever.

Is it possible to upload themes from other repository?

  • No, currently Envato products like themeforest, codecanyon, photodune, 3docean, graphicriver, audiojungle, videohive are supported

Is there a two factor authentication?

  • No

Does it comply with Envato policy?

  • Here what the PR explained to WP Tavern (WordPress related website)

“Envato buyers use a variety of methods for managing their purchases. Whatever service they use, whether Dropbox or a service like Upvato, we always encourage people to back up
their digital assets.”


  • Some of you may think that with this idea creator’s can get every premium items listed in Envato. But our question to thinkers like this would be why someone should spent this much time and effort in building such a service when he/she can get nulled version and spend time in removing malicious code.
  • There is no way to get your account back if you forget the password as there is no “Lost your password?” option to reset it
  • There is contact us page, but it seems to be deep hidden in the F.A.Q section! and no Disclaimer, Privacy Policy pages

Final thought

Upvato seems to be pretty good as we can get any version of our package once its integrated.

  • Overall

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  1. 1


    Thank you for writing a review about our brand new service. I would like to clear up a few things that are mis-understood in the article 🙂

    Free items CAN be uploaded using the “Manual” upload tab in the upload section. We do not force you in any way to connect your Envato account to backup your items. They can all be uploaded manually, just download the file from Envato and make sure you don’t change anything and it will upload just fine.

    Items that you have backed up that are later updated with Envato is NOT updated automatically with Upvato. We have no way of knowing when an item is updated or when the last release was made. If we figure out a way to know when an update is made, we will implement this feature. Currently, all you have to do to backup the latest file, is login to Upvato and click the button “Backup again” under the automated uploads page or the tiny “Refresh” icon next to the item in the item list.

    More comprehensive contact options will come. Email notifications on updates and completed backups along with “Recover your password” functionality will all be in place very soon.

    Thank you so much for writing about our currently 2 day old service that’s receiving massive positive feedback from those who struggle and hate the loss of any file.

    Kind Regards,
    Upvato Team

    • 2

      Hi Freddy

      We were just referring to Free files that’s available in Themeforest and related websites on every month not the other way!

      As per this image https://www.techwibe.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/upvato3.png I see “Automatic” , could you tell me whats this supposed to mean ?

      “Items that you have backed up that are later updated with Envato is NOT updated automatically with Upvato.” I think this can be achieved by creating a auto checker that will check the files automatically in each month or after a particular time.

      • 3


        You can upload the free items released on Themeforest and all the other Envato Marketplaces using the manual upload tab. By downloading the free item and then uploading it manually to Upvato then you’ve stored the free file forever 🙂

        An automatic backup is a backup that is pulled directly from Envato. You connect your Envato account using their wonderful API and then you “click a button” on Upvato.com to download that backup from Envato directly to Upvato.

        Currently there is no way for us to know if an update has been released to an item, therefor we cannot fully automate the process when new versions are released. We’re looking into different options to make this possible.

        Envato sends an email to every user if an item is updated. All you need to do, if your Envato account is connected, to get the latest version backed up, is go to your Upvato account and click the little “Refresh” icon next to the item, this will download all descriptions, screenshots, thumbnails and the latest file again.

        We are looking hard and thoroughly for ways to fully automate Upvato so all files are fetched as soon as the file is updated. Hopefully this functionality will be in place soon 🙂

        Kind regards,
        Upvato Team

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