Sales rep software is essential for your reps – here’s why

When deciding whether your business needs online sales tools the best place to start your research is with your sales reps. It can be worrying, and you may feel like you’re opening a can of worms, but it is necessary bearing in mind the invaluable insight it will provide into your sales process and how it can be improved.

Sales rep software gives you the opportunity to truly add value to your customers and business so take a deep breath and get to the bottom of the issues your sales reps are currently facing.

Examples might include:

  • Dealing with a new type of B2B buyer
  • Lack of time
  • No access to the customer information they need out in the field
  • Inability to plan ahead

…and more.

Once you have their feedback you will be in a position to address their issues and demonstrate exactly how sales rep software will bring a huge improvement to their working lives.

Advantages to focus on include:

Their productivity will soar

Sales reps are busy people and want to spend their time selling. Administrative tasks take up too much time and effort. But automating regular sales processes, such as order taking, can save them valuable time. An online sales app means they can prioritize their days and manage their activities in a timely and efficient manner.  Managers can oversee their tasks quickly and easily and help them focus on current and relevant opportunities.

They will see their sales increase

When sales reps have access to product and customer-specific information they are in control. Increasing sales is reliant upon building good customer relationships. It’s vital that sales reps know as much as possible about their customer accounts before they go to any meeting so they arrive prepared.

By accessing each customers’ unique and complete purchasing history, they can develop an account strategy for each one. This may incorporate a viable action plan including reminders of follow-up activities on specific dates and more.

When they are face-to-face with customers they will know exactly what products to push forwards – backed up by the knowledge of what each customer prefers, leading to more upsell and cross-selling opportunities.

Sales reps can play a high-value consultative role with customers, sell higher margin items, and drive their average order value towards the sky.

They can impress the new millennial B2B buyer

The new B2B buyer has changed. Aged between 18 and 35, and accustomed to using digital technologies, they have revolutionized how buyers purchase products or services from suppliers.

But they still want to interact with sales reps who listen to their needs and provide them with relevant information. Impress the digitally savvy buyer with attractive e-catalogs that showcase your products in the best way, and online product descriptions will encourage trust in your brand.‍


It’s not unusual to come up against resistance to change from your sales reps. So it’s important to involve them early on in the selection for truly modern, intuitive sales rep software that’s user friendly enabling you to get full buy-in from your sales reps before you launch.

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