Rentork Android App Helps You To Earn Real Money With Your Mobile Data

rentork logoThe usage of the internet has been doubled when compared to the past. No one is going to make life bore without the internet. To be frank, internet became a part of our daily life. The kind of usage is secondary as it completely depends on upon your requirements. We all know that it is possible to make money through the internet. Just forget about the data entry and some typing jobs, because you never need the internet for such kind of works.Right?I am just talking about the ads networks, Blogs, and some professional sources to make online income. OK, you are not much that technical and just had your presence in all social networks. So, here is a simple app for android named Rentork which helps you to earn from your data.

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What is Rentork?

Rentork is an android application which helps you to rent your social profiles to the advertising companies. Let’s me tell you a simple thing which helps you easily to understand. Blogs and several web applications use ads networks to get income, and they can be displayed during our browsing. We are browsing with our data plans, and the ads are loading but using our data, and moreover they are not paying us, Right? It may looks wired but damn true. Rentork helps you in renting the data to the ads networks and helps you in getting commissions for your profile.

Rentork Android Version Features

No ad network can survive without the internet users. No renting your data will be a good idea indeed. OK let me explain you the pros of the application.

• No need to ask someone to get engaged with the app. It’s damn easy to access your dashboard through which you can check your earnings. Here is how your initial dashboard looks.

dashboard• The percent of the commission is somewhat huge than you expected. You can get up to 50% of commission for the actions made on the ads of your profiles.
• You can set up ads of your interested categories by visiting the interest page. Check out the below image for a better view.

interest to select from• You can manage your complete profile with a single click. Nothing is easier than this. Setup your privacy and account security within a single click.

details requiredHow to set up?

It’s not a great technical work, but anyway, I will guide you the in a better way to start. get
• It’s an Android app and so start the process by searching for it in the official Google play store.
• Install it on your device by accepting the terms and conditions..
• You need to select a social profile among the three to continue. Here I am going with Twitter.

twiiter via account creation• You are directed to a simple form page after selecting the network and logging it in. You need to fill up the simple form with your basic details.

info needed• Next will be all about your personal profile. Fill it as you like and then you are directed to the dashboard.

our profile

When will you get paid?

Here is something to be noticed before using the application. Let’s discuss the points when you get paid ? I mean for what actions you will get paid? Have a keen look.

• You should see the ads and the ads videos as well
• Will be paid, when you visit the particular advertising website.
• When you register at the website for some offer.
• Care for those by liking and sharing them.

Note: You can perform the above actions through the web applications and from the smartphones, iPhones/iPads, Tablets, etc.

They are thinking of releasing an AI for this app and this is what you can expect from the devs.

“It allows users to control the offer on the web.

When you’re trying to find a hotel for your vacation or a flight or tech deals, etc. it’s never when you want it. Have you ever found a flight or an hotel with a good deal exactly when you want to go on vacation?

Now it will be possible with Flyde AI and will be available on the app on the next release.

How does it work? Very simple, easy peasy, lemon squizzy 😉

You just have to ask on the app (Flyde AI button on the next release) whatever you’re looking for.

– Deals Hotel New York December 2016 1 week 2 adults
– Cheap flight Paris Los Angeles June 2017 2 adults 2 children
– Walt Disney World Discount packages, September 2016 7 days


Advertisers will have access to all the requests through a trending module.. If there are 345,000 requests for Cheap flight Paris to Los Angeles between may and July 2017, the advertiser can create a special offer and target users who are requesting this kind of deal. They will increase their sales because users are exactly looking for that. So users can control the offer instead of the advertisers.

It works for events, birthday, weddings, shopping, tech, etc.

Each time a user’s request matches with an offer, ads are displayed in priority.”


We always love to roam over the internet on some interesting stuff. It’s a kind of artificial intelligence application which allows you to control the usage of data and moreover it shows you a way to rent your data and to make some commissions from the ads networks. In one word you will get paid (50% of commission from most of the ads networks) for visiting the ads which are loaded and displayed using your data. Hope you will make maximum use of Rentork by renting your data for some commissions, and it will help you to pay for the data bills.

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