5 Best WordPress Lazy Load Plugins to Load Your Site Faster

Have you ever been enthralled by the loading time of popular blogs? Do you think you can’t apply their technique to load your blog faster?

Then, you must continue reading this post to uncover the easiest way to decrease the loading time of your WordPress website.

Are you ready to discover the best way to load your site faster?

Best WordPress Lazy Load Plugins

Do you know the horrific reason behind your sluggish WP blog?

You must realize the hazardous impact of images on the site loading speed. The higher the number of images and its size, the slower your website will be.

But images are inevitable to convey an idea. Hence, the best way is to optimize the images to display it in an unhurried way after the completion of loading the web page.

Below WordPress plugins will do the task for you.

The following are the best loading plugins I found to optimize the images on a WordPress blog for maximum speed.

#5. jQuery Image Lazy Load

jqueryIf you are a minimalistic freak, jQuery should be your pick to optimize images. Unlike all the other plugins in this list, this doesn’t use system resources much. Instead, it adds a jQuery script to your site. That’s all.

The jQuery script, this plugin injects into the blogs insists on loading the images only when they are in the viewport of visitors.

Note: – Though the plugin hasn’t been updated for two years, I never experienced any issues using them.


#4. Lazy Load

jqueryYou don’t want to go through the tedious WP plugin setup, do you? And, you crave for optimizing the images for speeding up your WordPress blog, right?

I can’t help myself from recommending this one to a person like you because it only needs you to download and activate the plugin. No big deal, just install and activate! Then, the plugin will do the rest to optimize the images.

You may be enticed to see who created this plugin. Automatic team developed it!! Yeah, the people behind WordPress itself!


#3. Rocket Lazy Load

Rocket make

Who wants to mess with lots of plugin settings!!

Just like the #2 plugin, this one will not rack your brain with confusing settings and options to activate the deferred laoding effect for images.

The interesting fact is the plugin size itself. Finding a plugin weighs only 2 kb is like searching for an oasis. But let me tell you this one is an oasis for those who are trapped in the slow-blog desert.

And, the plugin doesn’t use jQuery javascript library for the optimization. Despite the post images, avatars, and featured images, even smileys come under the radar of this one.


#2. BJ Lazy Load

BJYou think having the settings for the plugin can give you more effectiveness? Then, download this one right away.

With this one, you get a few uncluttered settings to determine the images for which you want to enable the effect. Activating the plugins for some specific images is possible here as well.

Do you have a habit of embedding videos from YouTube or Vimeo? Then one has something to excite you. ‘It optimizes images in iframe windows’. So, no matter how intense a video preview is, the plugin will deferred load it and decrease the loading speed.


#1. Unveil Lazy Load

lazy loadingYou have just read the name of the tiniest plugin in this list.

Making use of Unveil.js javascript library, it won’t consume more than 0.6 kb of your web space. Just like three others (#5, #3, #4), this onw also starts working as soon as you install the same.

Data URI scheme, a technique to embed images in HTML, is the way this plugin uses to decrease the HTTP requests. Guess what? It works perfectly to reduce the loading time.


Wrapping Up

Haven’t you downloaded a lazy load plugin yet?

It’s high time. Download and activate one from this list right NOW. You have no idea how many visitors ditch your slow-loading site.

Do it now and thank me later. 

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