Rank Reveal Reverse Keyword Finder For Best SEO Result | Review

Have you ever wondered what are the keywords and why in your Google analytics you getting “not provided“?

Simple search engines don’t want to tell you for which all words you are getting traffic.

So is there any simple way of knowing it?

Yes, RankReveal created by Daniel Tan helps you to do the reverse process there by finding everything that your website or your clients website is ranked for, both in Google and Bing with analytics from 175 different countries or world wide tracking.

Rank Reveal our experience review

Thanks to Daniel Tan for giving us a test account.

After the successful sign up it brings up the dashboard that’s fine tuned for giving us easy user experience like no other tool. Here is how it looks from inside


Simple easy to use one to manage everything

Just create your first project to start exploring your online presence in SERP

Creating the first project

It’s damn easy,


Just name your project and enter the url

  • Enter one keyword, it’s mandatory for the tool in getting some idea about your content and what your website is.

Setting up

  • Select your country and search engine ( you can also set around the world option for tracking around the globe), hit “Create and Launch Project”

Real magic begins now

In our case we added some random keywords and tool automatically predicted words that we are indexed for. Here is what it looked during automatic finding

initial findings

The time saver

Lol we didn’t knew that we are indexed for unknown keywords that are shown there. Thanks Daniel for letting us know, within few minutes after using the SEO tool.

So how accurate is their tool?

They say it’s 99.999% accurate, but in our experience there was small deviation.

Let’s take an example of one of our potential keyword as you can see below.


As reported by it, we are at 18th position

Where it’s actually showed up in SERP?

reports generated

Actual position was 24 when we tried a search

Can you tell me how many projects that you have tried with it ?

  • We have tried their unique tool with many websites and it worked out of the box by automatically predicting all the keywords after each day.

Is possible to track down your competitors ranking?

  • Yes every Rank Reveal plan have provision for adding unlimited number of websites.

Is this tool compatible with with WordPress websites with https?

  • Yes, we have tested it and everything worked and you don’t need to add any plugins to start the work.

Are there any alternative tools like this?

  • OK many say there is Moz, but there you have to manually input the keywords for tracking.

Regarding support

  • You gets your query answered by the creator itself, Daniel and his turn round time is within 24 hours.

Affiliate program

  • If you are webmaster or blogger you can sell there products by showing ads in your and get paid highly.

Plans and pricing


4 Plans to choose from


  • The one we found is the percentage of accuracy, we its only 995%.
  • With the recent update on Google webmaster tools we think this tool predict lesser number of keywords that we are ranking for.

Recently an update have been rolled out with new and better features, here are the important ones

  • Sorting is now possible

Sorting in ascending or descending order

  • More ways to throw out unwanted ones


  • Want to send the audit report, now you can share it with anyone by using a unique link

Share your data with anyone

Reports can be generated in PDF,Excel or you can print directly


Report generation

  • Want to send reports to your clients, white labelling just hides the name of the service that you are using when user see the full SEO audit report
White labelling

Ad your company name for in the reports

Final thought

RankReveal seems to work out of the box for every websites we have added.

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