MyThemeShop Reactor WordPress Theme 50%OFF And Review

MyThemeShop set to release Reactor WordPress theme in the market for the Bloggers and all purposes users. The reputed and well-known site design company are releasing the first-ever design for 2019, and they are claiming plenty of things to the buyers. The big question does not fade away because 2019 has a lot of challenges to the internet marketers and WordPress platform.

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Can MyThemeShop Reactor WordPress theme meet the expectations of the people?

What is Reactor WordPress Theme?

MyThemeShop is a WordPress theme designer that has served thousands of customers around the world. The latest theme named “Reactor” set to release on 19th Jan 2019 globally, and the customers can purchase it from the official site.

Reactor From MyThemeShop Features:

First, we will look at the features because they are improved version of the previous themes feedback. Yes, the developers at the MTS gather analytical data such as bugs, performance reports, feedbacks, and more.

  1. The team improved the site loading time by eliminating clunky codes. Yes, codes run the site, and if they are configured incorrectly or added additional codes, then it increases the loading time. The dev team removed unnecessary and minified the codes for faster loading time.
  2. An improved version of responsive elements, so the site can adjust itself automatically as per the screen size. Yes, the site automatically adjusts the entire site to meet the screen size, and the visitors do not even get a chance to doubt that it is a desktop version design.
  3. It comes with a better schema tool, so your site can help the search engine to understand the content in a better way. Schema tool has become one of the important topics among internet marketers meetups.
  4. Search engine optimization is an important subject for years, and the MyThemeShop dev team added integrated tools. The “Rank Math SEO plugin” is an excellent replacement for the Yoast SEO plugin and other plugins in the segment.
  5. Many professionals are moving to CDN, Cloud servers, and VPS to improve the overall performance of the site. However, the theme designed for speed and performance, so the optimization is on a higher level.
  6. Reactor design built on analytical data tested by the existing customers and suggestions from the professionals. The dev team also analyzed the Google Adsense revenue so that they could help you with the advertisement placement on the site. Yes, you can experiment with the Reactor Adsense optimized ad spaces for better revenue.
  7. Every nature of the site is different, so there are dedicated performance options so that you can tweak them for optimized performance.
  8. The all-purpose design comes with an excellent in-built lightbox so that the users can display stunning images in a lightbox. A beautiful presentation is an important asset to the people in the field of photography.

Design Features:

I have a different perception when it comes to design and visual appearance.

  1. All Google fonts are available in the design so that you can set any font.
  2. The text considered as an appealing factor, so the designers added advanced text typography.
  3. Unlimited colors, so you can get customizable color editions.
  4. Now, you can access four different header layouts to make the site look special.
  5. Ten pre-defined homepage sections for the users to make the site look unique and appealing to the readers and visitors.

I have used the PageSpeed insights to test the overall speed, but I could not get the results. However, I can view the pages very quickly. The pages load very fast, but it requires a lot of investment in the web hosting as well.


MyThemeShop does not offer free solutions, so you have to purchase the one-time license from the developers.

Now, who should go for the Reactor theme?

  1. Bloggers – This theme makes a perfect overall design for the blogger.
  2. Micro-niche blogs will enjoy the in-built features, and they can rank on the search engine faster.
  3. Video-based sites have a home ground feeling in the theme. If you are running a YouTube channel, and you want to embed videos, then this is your mainland.

The demo pages are available, so you can play around in the demo version to understand the overall features and experience.

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