5 The Best Casino Online Twitter Accounts to Follow

When you follow a Twitter account, you receive notifications from the posts of people who have used this particular social media platform. The owners will update you on what is going on with their lives through direct messages and their shared positions. You can also have a conversation with them through likes, retweeting, and replying to the tweets of others.

The most important thing to remember when you join Twitter is to choose what type of tweets you want to follow. You can filter them according to your interests and needs, such as gambling or business news. Some casinos like the swiss online casino will always allow their customers to experience a better life using this platform. Some accounts share pictures and videos of slot machines and other casino games.

If you are fond of casinos online, here are some accounts that may interest you.

1. California and Tribal Gaming: @victorRocha1

This Twitter account is helpful for California and Tribal Gaming enthusiasts. Victor is a knowledgeable person in the industry. His posts are primarily about opinions or analyses of the current events in the gambling industry. He posts updates on government issues concerning Tribal casinos, slot machines, and other gaming-related news.

2. Nevada and Las Vegas: @RivalSchoolX

Another valid account is @rivalschoolx, which shares news about Las Vegas and the latest happenings in this desert city. Jeff Hwang also posts updates on covid 19 and others. He posts the big wins on slot machines and other matters related to casino games. The tweets are primarily associated with new game releases, promotions, and the marketing of online casinos.

3. Responsible Gaming and Problem Gambling: @BrianneDoura

Gambling should be a plan for everyone because it is an industry that generates revenue for the government and offers job opportunities to people worldwide. If you are into casinos online but want to keep the fun in moderation, check out @BrianneDoura. This Twitter account is all about responsible gaming and problem gambling. Brianne is the legislative director for the National Council of Problem Gambling.

4. The Financial State of the Industry: @astraffon

Alfonso Straffon raises his concern on the industry’s stock and financial news as well as his own experience. He is a former offshore bookmarker who changed to a commentator on the financial information of the industry. This Twitter account offers updates on the latest casino openings and big winners in the industry.

5. Don’t Forget To Follow Poker: @Pokerprojones.

However, if you are not into poker, this account might still interest you as it is also about casinos and has insights on gambling-related issues. @PokerproJones is all about poker news. He uses his experience in providing information on top casino games and helping players get the best possible gaming experiences.


Many Twitter accounts may interest you. Use your time to follow the performance of your choice, or follow all five if their posts match your interests. Remember that having a Twitter account helps you have fun while learning new things about casinos, slot machines, and other gaming matters. With these accounts on your side, there is no need to look for casino news somewhere else.

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