Tora Free WordPress Business Theme With 6 Elegant Styles | Review

There are many CMS available in the market the best CMS available among them is WordPress. WordPress being the most simplest and versatile CMS or content management system provides you a rich interface of the compilation of the websites that is required by you or your client. The unique selling point of WordPress being that it is an open source CMS which allows the developer and the designer to experiment with this great software to the fullest. It has a very basic structure that is easily understandable to a developer and designer for website designing and development services and the dashboard is as well as easy for the user who wants to use the website to work on.

As it is content management system the basic combination that develop an CMS are plugins and themes, designs are basically the designer part of a website that is seen in front of the user and the plugin is the functional part that is required by the client on his or her website. This article is dedicated to a theme that is available in the wp repository(in queue for approval) as a freeware, in easier words it can be said that the design can be downloaded and utilized for free. The name of the theme being talked about here is the Tora. It an be easily downloaded from the website. It is a very light one to download which is a maximum of 1700 kb loosely translated and requires around 1.23 MB of memory on your hard disk, which I would like to say that is the minimal amount that could be utilized by a template that is so rich in features and is also so flexible that it can be easily modified according to the requirement of the user.

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Tora free business theme review

image of tora business wp

For which all business you can use this ?

  • Any business, Creative agency, Mobile app, Architecture, Portfolios, Hospitals and Doctors


If it feels to be a bit confusing after download the company has also build up a diverse documentation that deals with all the aspects of the themes modification and alteration that a developer or a client could require to change the output of the theme. Now, if we talk about the basic installation of the theme. When the theme has been successfully uploaded to the server and activated the theme ask to download a plugin that would enhance the editing of the theme called as Live composer, developed by Dany Duchaine and Slobodan Kustrimovic. The plugin has been developed initially to be a page maker plugin but can be utilized to form a full website, using the blank theme available with the package from header to footer.

Here is one of the Documentation Video for setting up front page and remaining videos can be accessed from the website

set up

Plugin installation

Coming back to the basic theme installation the theme when activated after uploading looks like the next screenshot.

first stage

Just after the setup

It’s a basic yet a very elegant design that provides information about the location and contact details you want to provide for your business after that a menu strip having your logo on the left hand side and a header image. It should be known that the details of each of the elements mentioned above can be easily changed as and when required by the client or the developer. As seen in the next screenshot the live composer has been developed to form this elegant theme that provides you with a huge amount of options to customize the theme according the user will. The Live Composer provides you with option through which you may modify the appearance of the theme as well as the background working of the theme. The different options that are taken into consideration are General Options, Widgets Module, Slugs, Features Control, Access Control, Performance, Archives and Search, Tutorials, Navigation Module, and last but not the least others.


Live composer back end

The theme also provides you with great options regarding the different information that you can provide on the website like the Projects, Staff, Downloads, Testimonials etc. each of the mentioned part has its own and particular role to be played.

tora picture 4What about the speed ?

Here are our test results from Google PageSpeed as well as Pingdom(with US servers)
Seems like it did good for desktop mode and average for mobile mode with a score of 88 and 75 respectively

speed test

PageSpeed test result

pindom speed

Result from Pingdom

Other features

  • There is dedicated blog section with which you can share new contents to the world as well as your readers and the blog home page seems to be better than boring style
  • Navigate to top button with cool animation effect when the visitor reaches half way of the page
  • Wide range of demos or styles to suite your business as shown in the image below
  • Sticky navigation menu

The last thing that I would like to disclose about the theme is that the theme is a fully responsive theme and can be easily be viewed on a device that has a smaller screen.

mobile view

Mobile view

In a nutshell it can be concluded that the theme Tora is a theme that will not only provide you a very beautiful front end to work with but also will provide a excellent dashboard that will allow you to modify it to the fullest.

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