MacX MediaTrans iTunes Replacement For Mac [Bonus Giveaway]

MacX MediaTrans is a Windows & Mac software developed to replace the iTunes. The company decided to create iTunes replaceable software because it eliminates the complications & limitations comes with the Apple suite.

What is MacX MediaTrans?

MacX MediaTrans enables the users to transfer, manage, and organize the iPhone and iPad data to other phone or computer. The premium suite offers plenty of features & comfort that Apple’s iTunes can never bring on the table.


  1. The suite enables the users to transfer or complete a task between iDevice & computer without any errors. Everyone knows that iTunes known for unnecessary errors and the MacX suite bypass them all.
  2. The program designed for speed, so transferring 100 4K pictures from iPhone or iPad to computers takes eight seconds. Yes, if you have a high-end computer, then the transfer rate increase rapidly. The transfer speed depends on the processor & computer health as well.
  3. MacX MediaTrans can transfer data like videos transfer, music manager, organize the book, flash drive, photo backup, voice, ringtone, etc.
  4. Fortunately, the media suite also integrated with “encrypt file” feature.
  5. The program comes with an in-built converter. Let’s assume that you are transferring MP4 file to iPhone or iPad; then the format converts to MKV format.
  6. If you want to transfer a video from computer to an iPhone or iPad, then the file size reduces to 50% without loss in quality.
  7. The in-built DRM remover feature enables the users to transfer purchased content to Mac or Windows PC without any issues.
  8. The Apple decided to use HEIF format in pictures, and the converter automatically converts the pictures to JPG format without loss in quality.

The list of features keeps goes on. The developers are planning to add more feature to make the lives of Apple users better.

How To Use Backup Data Using MacX MediaTrans?

The latest iPhone released in the market and the developers have rolled out a compatible version. Before upgrading to the new iOS version, it is a good practice to back up the data. You can use Windows machine and Mac OS X machine to back up the data and upgrade to the latest iOS version.

Step 1: Launch the program on your machine and connect the device. Remember, the iPhones demand original lightning cable and make sure that the drivers recognize the device.

Step 2: Once the device connected to the program, then it redirects to the dashboard. Now, select the media that you want to back up. Unfortunately, the MacX MediaTrans does not back up all files at once, so you have to do it separately. In this case, the “Photos Transfer” selected.

Step 3: The program fetches the data from the device to Mac PC and selects the pictures you want to back up. Click on “export” to start backing up the files.

Step 4: A small window pops-up on your screen and you have to locate the folder, where the files stored as a backup.

Step 5: You can repeat the same process with other media like Music, Videos, Voice, and more. Click on the “select all” option to back up every file in the music library, and it includes the DRM files as well.

Step 6: Again, the small window pops-up on your screen and select a location to save the backup.

Repeat the same process for rest of the media to back up and manage. Keep in mind that the interface takes only a few minutes to master, so don’t worry about the complicated interface.

Download MacX MediaTrans


Christmas is coming close, and the company decided to give away the license of the MacX MediaTrans for free. Anyone can sign up for the process by participating in the contest and the users guaranteed to get discounts on the product.

Enter the contest with valid information & the winner announced via random selection site, so there will not be any chance of favoritism. The prices include an iPhone XR, and the winner will be announced on the social media platform.

Enter The Giveaway


The free trial version available for everyone and you don’t have to input any form of data like creating a new account or adding credit card information. You can use the trial version for free for a few days without any issues. Let us know what do you think about the MacX MediaTrans in the comment section below.

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