LikeSplash iPhone App Review| One App For All Your Interest

logoNow arranging all of your interest: movies, songs, restaurants, book, apps, and more is very easy with the help of LikeSplash. In this review post we will discuss more about this free app. LikeSplash is a social networking app in which users can easily link their favorite movies, songs, app, etc. with others.

Exploring LikeSplash Using Our iPad

LikeSplash is a new way to arrange movies, songs, apps, books, etc. in one place. It allows users to create stacks in 15 different categories and arrange their favorite interests like movies, books, etc. in these stacks. These stacks are visible to other users and other users can like, follow and can comment in these stacks. And it is available in Llanguages like English, Danish, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Thai and Ukrainian.

Let us have a look at some of its features:

1) With the help of LikeSplash users can create stacks of their favorite movies, songs, books, etc.
2) In stacks, users can easily share links of IMDb, RottenTomatoes, iTunes and More.
3) Users can easily share links of SoundCloud, iTunes, etc.
4) Users can easily like and follow stack of the other users.

LikeSplash is developed by LikeSplash, LLC and is not developed by other organizations like RottenTomatoes, IMDb, etc. It is currently available for iOS only.

How it is useful for you?

LikeSplash is one stop for all your favorite applications and service. Just arrange all of your services and apps in one place without opening different application. No need to open different apps for different services and app. LikeSplash makes it easy for its users to share their favorite movies, songs, etc. with others.

How to use this free application ?

1) It is very easy to use. Opening the application for the very first users will see some intro of the app. Users can skip that and can register using Facebook or Twitter account. Users can also use Email Id.

email id2) That’s it, now users can easily start using the application. Here is a snap from the home screen of the amazing app.

profile3) Users can like or follow other stacks. They can even share their thoughts through comments.
4) Users can also create a stack of their choice. There are 15 stacks available in the application. Here is a snap have a look. This snap will help you to understand more. Just choose the category and name the stack and add your favorite interest in it.


other5) Users can also go to profile options in which they can check a list of followers, stack following and stack created.

user profile6) Users can also edit their profile like change user name, profile picture, etc. How it looks like have a look to below snap to get your answer.

settings7) Easy invite option is also present in it with which you can invite your friends in Twitter or via SMS. Just click on the left top most option and you will get it..

Final Words

We are wrapping up LikeSplash review here with some pros and cons which we noticed while using the application have a look at a few of those. Read below pros and cons carefully and take action accordingly.


Let us discuss pros associated with the app have a look to few of those.

1) Unique and good concept.
2) Free application :).
3) User Interface is neat and attractive.
4) Available, for more than 10 languages.
5) It is a compact application and its sized less than 33 MB.


Now after pros it is turn of cons. There are some cons too associated with it have a look to few of those.

1) It is a free application available but, it is only available for iOS based device. But devs have confirmed us that the android version will be soon available.

2) It should have an option through which users can integrate their the app with other social networking sites and can share their stack with their friends.

3) No option to invite friends using Facebook or other popular social networking websites or services.

As you can see nothing serious con associated with the app and if you own an iOS based device, then you should definitely go with LikeSplash as it is a free app and won’t take much space on your iOS based device . Hope you like our this review post, please share your thoughts with us through like, comments and share.

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