Best And Easy Way To Disable Most of The Animations in Mac To Speed Up Macbook Air, Pro, Mini, iMac

Mac systems are loved by all Apple Fanboys who spend most of their time working on the system. Apple offers numerous features and improvements to their existing users who are using their products with regular software updates and system updates. The giant has recently introduced a bunch of animation features to make your Mac experience more reliable. To speed up your Mac system, you must disable animations from the system. From here, you can disable most of the animations in Mac system.

To disable animations in your Mac system, command line directives are required. You need to give proper command to the system to turn of the animation effect in the system. Here, we have described how you can turn off different types of animations which are enable in your mac system.

Automatic Window Animations

Window Animations are perhaps the most catchy animation feature available for Mac systems. This animation is available in most Mac OSs. This animation consumes your system’s CPU which slows down the overall performance of the system. To disable this animation, follow this command.

This animation launches the new Window with Small and zooms in the Window to correct its size. The animation doesn’t take much time; however, it will become annoying at times and you may want to disable it.


To disable Automatic Window Animations, launch Terminal from the Dock and type in the following command in the Window using the Keyboard.

“defaults write NSGlobalDomain NSAutomaticWindowAnimationsEnabled -bool NO”

Mail Animations

Mail Animations are separate animations and they can be customized as per your requirements. When you Send a new mail, the message Window flies off the top of the screen. When you reply to a particular mail, the message Window will pop up and lets you reply to that particular mail. This animation looks catchy enough; however, some people absolutely hate it. You can disable this feature by entering the following command in the Terminal Window of your Mac system.

“defaults write DisableReplyAnimations -bool YES”

“defaults write DisableSendAnimations -bool YES”

Smooth Scrolling

Smooth Scrolling is one of the most wonderful animations in a Mac system. This animation lets you scroll down through the Window very smoothly using the Touchpad. If you don’t like to keep this animation, you can disable it with the following command. Launch Terminal Window from the dock and enter the following command there.

“defaults write -g NSScrollAnimationEnabled -bool false”

Quick Look windows

Quick Look Windows animation allows you to quickly look the Window which is currently open just by using the space bar. You can disable this animation by launching the Terminal Window and entering the following command there.

“defaults write -g QLPanelAnimationDuration -float 0”

Showing Toolbar or Menu bar in full Window

This animation lets you open the Toolbar and Menu bar in full Window. You can disable this feature by entering the following command. Launch Terminal Window and type in this command to disable this animation.

“defaults write -g NSToolbarFullScreenAnimationDuration -float 0”

Showing the Dock

This animation shows you the Dock when you take the cursor down on the Window. You can simply hide this feature by disabling the animation using the following command. Launch Terminal Window and enter the following command in the command line and hit the Enter button to see the effect.

“defaults write autohide-time-modifier -float 0

defaults write autohide-delay -float 0”

Showing and Hiding Mission Control

Mission Control Animation shows you Mission Control with the help of your trackpad. If you want to disable it, launch Terminal Window and enter following command. Hit the Enter button after that.

“defaults write expose-animation-duration -float 0”

Showing and Hiding Launchpad

This animation shows you the Launchpad when you hover over your mouse. To disable this animation, just enter the following command by launching the Terminal Window.

“defaults write springboard-show-duration -float 0”

“defaults write springboard-hide-duration -float 0”

Changing Page in Launchpad

Launchpad is very important if you are a quick user of the Mac. You can change the pages of the Launchpad by yourself using the animation. To disable this animation, you can simply add the following command line in the Terminal Window.

“defaults write springboard-page-duration -float 0”

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