Krypton Browser Anonymous One For High Degree Of Security

Loosing our privacy is not a big news now as many of us are aware about it, from the time we see ads that’s specific to our place or one related our recent search engine terms. One simple way to override this is by using VPN or virtual private network but these services comes with a price tag, but what if there is web browser android app that does this free of cost ? Krypton Anonymous Browser just make sure that you get maximum privacy and security while surfing the world-wide web.

Krypton Anonymous Browser review and features

  • Build with powerful Tor helps and Chromium core.
  • Small scoop from Tor website
  • Tor is a network of virtual tunnels that allows people and groups to improve their privacy and security on the Internet.
  • A single tap on the onion icon right next to address or search bar hides your real ip from snooping
  • Suggestions for quick finding
  • Availability of open source core library from GitHub
  • No footer ads or ads during browsing and download as many other browsers are having
  • Simple and elegant user interface for ease of use
  • No saving of history

Our experience when we tried it on Xperia SP with jelly bean OS

  • Looks like the app does what it exactly says right from the installation and you can see it below

Only permission needed is network access without which you can’t enter online world, lol !

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From the installation process

  • Krypton then brings up a neat minimalist home-screen with unified address and search bar as you can see it in the picture below
User interface

Simple user interface

  • Let’s try some random website itself in the test

Within a matter of seconds the complete website was loaded and rendered correctly

  • Since the test website don’t have https you can see a warning sign in the picture below
https warning

No https warning

  • Developers website showed with no warning symbol as they were having https protocol and https everywhere option is enabled by default in the settings
secure connection

Websites with https

  • Tor connection establishing

Establishing connection with TOR


Connection established successfully

  • Long pressing on the links opened pages in a new window than opening it in a new tab, by doing like this each instance is isolated from one another. You can head to settings to see it in action and here is a screen-shot from our device after opening 3 links as new window

Isolated process

  • From the small square icons next to onion you can move to already opened windows or open new ones as you wish
Krypton tabs

Quick toggle between tabs

Want to open a page in another browser ?

  • You can select “Reopen with” option to open that page in another browser as you choose from the pop-up
Reopen tabs

Choose “Reopen with”

Choose as you need

Open in any one as you wish

  • By default search engine is set as DuckDuckGo but you can change it to Google if needed from the settings

Setting overview

search engines

Search engines available

Paid features

Paid feature

  • You can also swipe up from the home screen to search the web
  • Search predictions
search predictions

search predictions

In order to lock some features you need to pay around $5

  • Ad Block
  • Find in page
  • Request desktop site

Do note that this is a beta version and you may find some hiccups while using it.

What does it misses when you compare it other browsers ?

  • No way to turn off the images or control its quality
  • No sync
  • Can’t increase the font size


  • ARM64 now supported
  • Updated to latest chromium build
  • Fullscreen mode is now available
  • Blocks all media when TOR mode is enables
  • Adblock, Intel Atom and HTTPS (minimum TLS 1.0)now updated

Other info

  • Version : 99-893
  • Apk size : 19.8MB
  • Require : 4.1 and above
  • Channel : Stable

Final Thought

Krypton web browser for android gives you high degree to safe guard your privacy from big companies.

Download from play store

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