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Most of us now have social media and email accounts where we may have stored some important data like invoices, password etc and with the dawn of smartphones with android operating people are more engaged to check the status, photo read news check mails via these phones. Since the mobiles have got smarter the ones who is trying to get your valuable data i.e. hackers have also gone smarter, so it’s a time to monitor all our accounts from being hacked. Ok we know no likes manual monitoring as its difficult and time-consuming, so we are going to discuss LogDog Anti Hacking free android app with which you can just automate the monitoring process.

LogDog Anti Hacking android app review


Unlike many other security apps that comes with a price tag to unlock the full features, LogDog is completely free with all features for personal use.

No need to create an account with them to use the service, all you need is download ( link below) it from the Google play store and select the service from the available ones like

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Dropbox
  • Evernote

Coming soon

  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram

For the time being we tried to integrate our Facebook account for monitoring and it was simple just enter your user name and password see the images below for better understanding



Facebook protection

Select Facebook


Enter your credentials


Auto scanning

finished scans

Time to relax


Log of the protection


How an intrusion alert would like ?


Intrusion alert

So how they are protecting you ?

Need protection with TOR or you are in look for a VPN alternative then free Krypton Anonymous Browser protects your browsing in android devices

A scoop from the official website

The system is constantly on the lookout for suspicious logins which are identified using hundreds of parameters.

  • Super lite on your device

RAM usage

  • If you are using any task manager with auto kill option enabled, add this one to ignore list for uninterrupted monitoring.

Do note that this is the beta version so some of you may find some glitches while using it and you could report this to developers for solving it

  • Also note that chats are not monitored


One error that we found while using it

  • We had a tough time in integration of Google account with them
  • If you are having multiple social media accounts like two Facebook account, till now you can only protect one

Suggestion to the developer

  • Hope you could add SMS alert when suspicious activity is detected while we not connected to internet

Other info

  • Twitter and DropBox bug fixed now
  • Version :
  • APK Size : 7.0MB
  • Requires : Gingerbread and above

Download to try it yourself

Direct apk not available

Final verdict

Having LogDog is like just having a cyber dog in your android to monitor all our accounts without any hassle.

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