The most popular online professions for freelancing

The fact that freelancing has a future in the labor sphere is already clear even without appropriate research. Cooperation on a remote basis is equally beneficial to both customers and performers. The latter prefer to work in a free mode, having time to travel around the globe and do other life-consuming things.


Every year more and more companies around the world attract freelancers to solve business problems. At the same time, the number of people willing to complete tasks from home is also steadily growing. 


You should choose remote mastery right away and begin moving in the right route if you want to join the group of independent artists. But first, let’s identify the most in-demand Internet professions.


Top 20 freelance professions in demand in the labor market

Today, when freelancing has become widespread around the world, it is easy to compile a list of relevant specialists who have stable earnings in this field. These include:

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The simplest professions (transcriber, typesetter)

  • Copywriter
  • Translator
  • Web programmer
  • Social Media Administrator
  • Mobile App Developer
  • Internet Project Manager
  • Web designer
  • Contextual Advertising Specialist
  • Sales Manager
  • Internet marketer
  • Account Manager
  • Video Editor
  • Online consultant
  • Personal Assistant
  • Illustrator
  • Architect
  • Accountant
  • Lawyer
  • Blogger

Naturally, each item hides a certain list of abilities that you need to possess, as well as opportunities for remote earnings. You should familiarize yourself with them in order to clearly understand in which direction to study and develop.


The simplest remote professions

There are freelance tasks, the implementation of which implies the possession of minimal skills. This includes, for example, transcribing or typing texts. All you need to do is to have a computer, the ability to type on the keyboard, attentiveness and perseverance.


Of course, doing such work, it is difficult to achieve the desired profit. However, it will be perfect for starting. The main thing is to do the work thoughtfully and on time to maintain your customers. In the future, this will help with the issue of raising the price or may become an advantage for receiving premium projects.




Content remains the dominant tool in the Internet, so those who are friends with the word constantly have orders by specialization. If you wrote excellent essays at school, try your hand at copywriting. Different types of skills are needed in this field, from simple website content to trendy advertising slogans or scripts to market the goods.


There are plenty of niches in the verbal sphere. Therefore, you can concentrate on a narrow direction and gain experience and ratings in it. For example, write only poems, congratulations, rhymed chants. And don’t forget about the variety of topics. If you are a guru in a particular field, you may be able to write good texts on a narrow profile.



Everything is very clear here. Do you speak another language besides your native one? Welcome to Translators. Here the instructions can be different – from a simple literary translation of a corporate letter to a complex technical description of the mechanism.


At the same time, before offering your services as an interpreter, it is better to fully know the specified language. The appeal to the Google machine is very quickly identified by employers and damages reputation. Therefore, take the time and learn perfectly foreign speech and spelling, which will definitely be useful to you in life and will help you on the way to retirement.

How to choose a profession on the Internet?

As you can see, the list of in-demand remote workers is not small and quite diverse. But how to choose a business that will really be fun and will allow you not to experience problems in the financial sphere?

There are several important criteria here. First of all, comfort in work. It must be in order to grow professionally and make a successful career as a freelancer. This means that you should not consider vacancies as an online consultant or sales agent when you are an introvert by nature. It is better to take a closer look at transcribing or other suggestions in accordance with your skills, but not involving active interaction with people.

Another criterion is actually your experience and skills. Suddenly there is no first, but there is a second, choose vacancies where they offer employment to beginners. Such projects happen very often. The largest number of them is concentrated in the areas of social network administration and online sales organization. You will gain experience, and then you can go free swimming with decent fees.

The third criterion is the nature of the specialty and the complexity of its development. For example, Web programming requires serious education. However, not everyone will be able to comprehend it because it requires a particular mindset. The same can be said about an illustrator or a Web designer. Just consider your personal characteristics when choosing a freelance profession.

Don’t consider who you should study for in order to earn a lot. Do not attempt to make a fortune right away by completing things that are beyond of your capabilities or those you dislike. You can succeed financially in any business, even if you enjoy what you’re doing and do it well. It would undoubtedly reward you with a respectable sum of money if you succeed in getting high from freelancing.

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