How to upgrade your weapons in Destiny 2

Developed by Bungie, Destiny 2 is a multiplayer video game that is extremely popular in the online video gaming community. The reason for this growing popularity is the continuous game updates which introduces something new to the game and keeps the curiosity and interest of its players alive. The game itself is extremely competitive, with each player trying to perform better than the other. In order to get an upper hand in any combat, it is necessary for the players to constantly keep upgrading their weapons. With more than six hundred weapons to choose from, it can often be a task to identify and upgrade the weapons that work best for you. Here are some tips to upgrade your weapons in Destiny 2.

There are some weapons in destiny 2 that you can buy and some that you can only get by successfully completing raids. You can buy One Thousand Voices Destiny 2 and enjoy the masterworked catalyst feature with more weapons. The only way to get this powerful weapon is by playing the Last Wish raid. You can also get some really heavy duty weapons by completing the raids in Trials of Osiris. By regularly engaging in different trials and raids, you can get your hands on some of the most coveted weapons of Destiny 2.

One way in which you can upgrade your weapons in Destiny 2 is by Infusion. This is applicable for weapons which do not have an impressive Gear Score. You may have some weapons and armours that suit your method of play but may not be strong enough. Infusing these armours and weapons will enable you to upgrade them and use them for end game. For infusing a weapon in Destiny 2 you will need a weapon that possesses the capacity to be upgraded, other weapons of the same type that you must be willing to sacrifice and an upgrade Module. You must keep in mind that the weapon you are sacrificing for upgrading another weapon will be destroyed beyond repair, so you should be absolutely sure about the weapon you want to trade for an upgrade. Once you have the above-mentioned three things, go to the character screen and open the details of the weapon you want to upgrade. Select the infuse (first option) option from the Weapon Mods section and then click on the weapon you wish to upgrade. Confirm your choice of weapon upgrade by holding the action button. After this is done you will notice the increase in Gear Score of the weapon. Similarly, for upgrading an armour, you will need an upgrade Module, an armour that can be upgraded along with a similar armour you are willing to sacrifice. Open the details of the armour, select infuse and click on the armour you want to upgrade. Confirm the same by holding the action button.

Other weapons of Destiny 2 such as the Legendary weapons can be upgraded to Legendary Masterworks which have modified traits. Converting a Legendary weapon and armour into a Masterwork depends on the current energy level of the gear. In the beginning, the cost of increasing the energy level of the gear will be low and increase as the energy levels increases. To increase the energy level of the armour or weapon, first inspect the Legendary armour/ weapon and then hover over to the energy/ tier bar. Select and hold to increase the Energy level according to the cost. Similarly for weapons, increase the weapons Tier by 1. Repeat the process until 10 Energy or Tier 10 is reached to Masterwork the weapon/armour. Use the above mentioned methods to make your gaming experience more exciting.

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