How to Liven Up Your Place of Business

The workplace can often be dull and have a rather dower atmosphere. This can have a number of disadvantages on the staff. It can lead them to be unproductive, as well as negatively affect their mood. Having a fun and lively workplace is more likely to keep your staff members happy and motivated. It will improve work relationships, improve work ethic, and could benefit the customers experience also.

There really aren’t any downsides to putting effort into brightening up your place of work. It doesn’t have to cost much. You can even look at reducing your utility bills at Utility Bidder to eliminate the loss. You’ll find that the benefits pay off in no time. So if you’re stuck for ideas, you may want to consider some of the following options.


Music has a huge impact on people’s moods and can really set an atmosphere. You could be surprised with how much playing some background music can impact staff members. Try to play some upbeat music to keep energy levels nice and high. Also, avoid getting too repetitive with your playlists; no one is going to want to listen to the same 10 songs over and over again. Aim to switch up the music every week or second week to avoid people getting sick of certain songs. You should also listen to suggestions and preferences from colleagues about the music. What you think is great could be the worst song ever made to someone else. It’s all about compromise.

Casual Dress

A really underrated aspect of jobs is the dress code. Whether it’s the nicest uniform in the world or the ugliest, lots of people just don’t like wearing them. Even if the dress code is smart, sitting in uncomfortable clothes all day might not be the best way to motivate staff. Of course, some businesses require these dress codes; there’s not much you can do to change that. But if possible, it can be really attractive to a new employee to dress more comfortably and casually.  You can even look at just implying this on one particular day of the week to give staff something to look forward to.

Have a Nice Canteen/Lounge

You can’t work non-stop without taking some sort of break. This is why having a recharge is so important in any business. The best way to do this is to have a comfortable place to switch off for lunch or a break. Perhaps your canteen needs a new coat of paint, or even a microwave or toaster. Small things can go a long way in the break room.

Get Positive People

Of course, during the hiring process, you look at their experience and qualifications first. But a person’s personality is a massive part of the role they have to fill in your business also. Having more positive people around the workplace can really up the atmosphere and improve morale. If you’re stuck between two individuals in the hiring process, going for the more positive candidate could be the right choice.

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