How modern evolution has made us more mobile

When we are talking about modern evolution and mobility, we could be referring to a vast majority of things that would correlate with that. Cars, airplanes, space shuttles, all of these things have indeed made us both mobile and reach places that were previously hard to get to or took ages.

Now with all these modern tools, these trips and travels happen in today’s standards, fairly quick. But nothing compares to the development of a person’s ability to be mobile when it comes to both work and daily living. We have come a long way since the first personal computer became available for private individuals, and the dreaded dial-up model we had to suffer through, to get out on the internet.

With the current development of smartphones, tablets and other devices, the need to have a desktop or even a laptop for that matter, becomes less and less of a necessity. With a simple smartphone, you can do pretty much everything you need to do in your daily life, from shopping your groceries and having them shipped to your house, using their individual app from shops such as Target or Walmart.

You can connect yourself to with their app to purchase anything you need for the household or the office and all this by simply using your smartphone, while in the comforts of your home or at work.

But it doesn’t stop there, with the speeds we are offered through mobile networks and with the upcoming launch of 5G across the globe, things will now become up to 1000 as fast, at least in theory, compared to the existing 4G networks.

The issue we are running into here is that most of the current products on the market are yet 5G ready, meaning the bottleneck would be the smartphone’s ability to send and receive information, not the connection.

With 5G we will now, with ease, be able to stream our favorite tv-show or movie from streaming sites such as Netflix. It doesn’t matter if the quality is HD or even UHD, if it is in 4 or 8k, with these speeds you will be able to quickly sync up with the service and have a flawless video stream to your unit.

The same goes for game providers seeing a lot faster loading times. With that the manufactures will be forced to upgrade not just their ability to send and receive traffic at a higher rate, they will also be forced to include better graphics options, as more and more advanced games will become accessible.

The online gambling market is also seeing this trend, from previously having heavily relied on traffic from desktop users who wanted to play on their favorite slot, at the poker tables or do some NBA basketball betting. This isn’t necessarily a new trend for everyone but it is a very important one within this industry, as users today don’t need to sit at home to place their bet, don’t need to go to a bookie or betting shop. With just a few clicks on their phone or tablet and they have submitted their bet.

With this transition from desktop and laptops to smart products, also comes security risks. People today store most of their private details on their smartphones, such as private pictures, bank details, and other important items. In Sweden individuals even have the ability to store a local “mobile Bank ID” on their phones, which gives them instant access to their bank, to do purchases online or to enter online gambling sites.

With all that stored in one tiny little thing, we are opening ourselves up to a whole lot of trouble if this would fall into the wrong hands.

As such it’s essential that using your smart products today, you make sure you do it in safe manner, that you use “lock screens” and passcodes, complex passcodes which cant be easily cracked or hacked. To lose a phone today is almost, if not worse, thank losing your wallet. With this in mind you might be interested in knowing 10 tips on how you can improve your smartphone security.

Author: Johan H.

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