How can learning python play a better role in your career?

Programming as a career only seems rewarding if the language used is more user-friendly, faster to execute, and holds promise in terms of decent remuneration. There is only one language today which ticks all the above boxes- Python. Some of the salient features of this language are listed below:

  • Simple Syntax and high-level programming make it easier to comprehend.
  • Faster readability due to concise codes. Open Source makes it easily accessible
  • Compact. 5-6 lines of other languages (C++, JAVA, etc.) can be done in 2-3 lines in Python
  • Fastest growing major programming language
  • Other language programmers being saturated, Decent Python developers are still hard to get in the Job market
  • All major organizations like Google, Facebook, IBM, CISCO, Microsoft, Netflix, Spotify, NASA use Python for some applications.

Whether you are a fresher or an experienced professional, Python can offer a boost in your career and help you in multiple applications across industries.

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We will have a look at career-based applications where Python is helpful:

  • Automation of Task and Automation Tester

Today every application in software- banking, finance, and Cloud computing is going through an “automation-era”. Python developers are in-demand for tools to automate monotonous tasks effectively. Also, Python helps in building a Test automation Framework for any Software Testing company. You may check any job portal- Automation testing is considered as one of the Hard-working and decent-paying jobs. Further, every organization looks upon a Python developer to Automate their routine activities such that system efficiency improves without a major increase in costs.

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  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning

AI may seem to be a scientific application in yesteryears, but today, AI is used for many common daily use applications with the help of Python-based algorithms. Some of such applications include Google Maps, Text Autocorrect software, Smart recommendations on search engines, chatbots, e-payments monitoring through patterns, etc.

Similarly, Machine Learning has a wide range of applications like Image recognition (e.g. Facebook Tagging), Speech recognition, Medical diagnosis, predictive analysis and, extracting data from unstructured information.

Learning Python makes all these applications possible and needless to say, makes the programmer eligible to turn this into a rewarding career.

Today, many doctors and engineers are also learning python to give an extra edge to their careers as they adopt these applications.

  • Analytics and BIG data

Business Intelligence and Analytics is one of the highest-paying careers in developing and developed countries. Everyone acknowledges the fact that the outcome of future wars shall depend on Data and interpretation of the data structures. Python programming helps to collect, manipulate, and organize the information with lesser effort and structured output.

Few examples of how Analytics and BIG data helps companies and businesses:

  • Personalized Marketing
  • Leads on new consumers through shopping habits
  • Increase Transportation efficiency (Fuel spend, route optimization, etc.)
  • Demand prediction for vehicle and food aggregators- Uber and Zomato
  • Health predictors through apps and watches (Steps Tracker etc.)
  • Data monitoring for Cyber-security and threat prevention
  • Automatic or suggestive ordering of Inventory based on consumption
  • Industrial raw material inventory and sales margin management.

With an enhanced focus on data for each business, a python developer skilled in Pandas, PuLP, IPython, Scikit-Learn can have a rewarding career.

  • Data Graphical representation

Along with analysis of data, tabular and graphical representation of data is equally important. A properly represented graph often helps in the quick and correct interpretation of data. Tools like Pandas Visualization, Matplotlib and Plotly help you excel in data visualization.

Applications like Histogram, Bar Charts, Line Charts, and Scatter plots can be easily done through Python tools. This helps in giving a simple interface to loads of data and helps businesses take easy decisions. All major management courses promote the usage of graphical presentation of data. Learning Python gives you an edge over other analysts when graphs must be customized, and time is limited.

  • Application programming with Python

There is a plethora of applications that can be developed from Python. Few examples are given below:

  • Create File directories
  • Graphic User Interface (GUI) and Application Programming Interface (API)
  • Blockchain programming
  • Video and audio applications (VLC media player)
  • Education and language development application programming

This is only a tip of the iceberg. Python programming can be done for a lot of applications. The Development of applications is also a profitable business proposition. It also improves your chances to get promoted if you develop popular applications for your organization.

  • Web development

Have you used services like Mozilla, Reddit, or Spotify? These have been developed using Python frameworks. There is a wide variety of frameworks available on Python like, Flask, Pyramid and Django. A Few advantages of these frameworks are as below:

  • Easy to access database
  • Structured management of web-content
  • Options available to add layers and authorization
  • Availability of extensive libraries and data modules

All top web programmers acknowledge the fact that Python is one of the most powerful solutions in web-space designing and enhancement.

  • Gaming

The Global gaming market is stated to touch ~315 Billion USD in the next 5 years. With an annual growth rate of more than 9%, this industry is creating developers of all ages and geographies. Games like Battlefield2, Civilization IV, The Sims 4, Balazar Brothers, Battlefield heroes, Freedom Force, Mount & Blade, to name a few, have been developed using Python.

There are multiple libraries available to develop Python Games like PyGame Library. However, Python is known to be better for beginners trying to develop simple games. As a career, it helps move on to complex gaming.

  • Natural Language Processing for SEO

These days, SEO professionals make loads of money by devising methods to position a product or a service in consumers’ minds. Natural Language processing is a tool that enables a program to establish connect with human languages and interactive machines. Python programming holds a lot of promise in this field. Today, when humans are looking at virtual online assistants to select music, shopping products, and even, buy insurance for them, Natural language processing knowledge and programming is a high-paying career option.

A programming professional today must choose their career wisely. With so many languages getting obsolete in the past two decades, they must put their weight behind a language that can evolve with technological advances. Python is best positioned to cater to trending technologies like IoT(Internet of Things), Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence.

Choose today for a better tomorrow.

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