How To Grow Your Sales Using Instagram in 2024?

How is it going with your e-commerce sales in 2019? Level of competition is growing super fast, so you have to always be ready to search for new possibilities to increase your sales and make your business grow. If you are interested in growing your business then you should be informed about Pro-Export Ninja, the Instagram scraper that can increase your sales. This product helps you deliver your product to the right customer at the right place and the right time.

About Pro-Export Ninja

Pro-Export Ninja is an exclusive Instagram scraper tool that helps you extract bio emails/emails, phone numbers and much more from any Instagram account. This tool allows you to gather information on your potential customers. If you target your product to potential customers, the marketing will be in the right direction and consequently increase your sales.


Don’t raise suspicion Pro-Export Ninja is illegal and goes against the rules of piracy. This method is 100% ethical and legal. The information which Pro-Export Ninja extracts is available publicly and anybody can access it. It is impractical to extract the details manually when the followers are in thousands or millions. So, with the help of specially developed software, Pro-Export Ninja scrapes such data and gives it to the users as a csv. file or Google Sheet.

How exactly can you boost your sales using Pro-Export Ninja?

This tool can extract such information:

  • name ;
  • bio;
  • followers;
  • following;
  • number of posts;
  • number of IGTV;
  • private account or not;
  • approved account;
  • public email;
  • profile type;
  • communication method;

SO there are many ways you can use the Pro-Export ninja tool to increase your sales. We have written down some of the means through which you can achieve your sales target. Three ways to boost your sales using the tool are:

  1. Targeted Google Advertising- Add the list of your potential customers and data about them on Google AdWords. After adding such data, it will appear on any site which has added google AdSense to it. This way, you can market your product and sell it on amazon or any other e-Commerce websites.
  2. Creating a user base of a similar audience- Using the Pro-export Ninja, you can target not only your potential customers but also the audience which has similar interests as the original audience. You can create your target audience and market your products accordingly to reach the masses.
  3. Targeted Facebook Advertising- Similar to Google AdWords, you can also add your data to Facebook Business Manager. You can easily download the .csv file from the software and export it to the manager to target your audience through their email and phone numbers.

How does it work?

To export the target audience of competitors or accounts with related interests, you can copy their username and paste it into the search box on the landing page of the website. Press export, and you will get a google sheets file or .csv file which you can use to copy the data. Filter the data as per your convenience and prepare your list of the target audience. But if your data is above 10,000 accounts you will only get a .csv (comma separated values) which you can export to excel, google sheets.


No recurring subscription fees and no time limits. You get 20 accounts data for free and for further data you would have to pay a minimum $19 to get the premium 10,000 item bundle. Considering the additional profit margins, you will get using this tool; it is a very minimal amount you would have to pay. You can also go for $29 and $59 plans for 30,000 and 80,000 item bundles respectively.

There are also higher costing pro plans for even larger items bundled with a maximum policy of $499 with a 1,500,000 details bundle. The pro plans start from $129 with 250,000 pieces bundle and also have a $249 package with 600,000 items. And the best thing about the premium tool is that you won’t have to pay it as a subscription with any time limits and you can pay as per your need. You can quickly pay with your debit/credit cards or PayPal.

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